The moon serpents


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The moon serpents are creatures born from magic that originates from the moon. Their exact origin I don't think is exactly clear, but many fairy tales that describe them and their birth from the folly of the white dragonoids have slightly varying accounts of them. All of the stories I have heard however agree on the fact that they were responsible for the downfall of the white dragonoids. The moon magic as it turned out became corruptive and self destructing after prolonged use, causing the white dragonoids eventually succumb to its allure, including their last ruler Slenasea, who was the first of the moon serpents and used her power later on to lure her peers to her new society known as the "Children of the waning moon". As a beloved ruler many did follow her through the path of the moon serpents, many unaware of the consequences. The outer provinces that later staged a war against the capital provinces that were ruled by Slenasea had to fight an upward battle against her forces as they did not have the convenience of magic at their side. The white dragonoids being naturally very nocturnal the outer provinces had to adapt to being active both day and night. During daytime the outer provinces tried to push inwards to the capital and at night they fortified their positions for another fight that would be fought shortly, on the terms of Slenasea. At daytime Slenaseas most strongest forces, the moon serpents were much weaker, being unable to use their magic as well as unable to blend in with the bright environment. However each night the tables were turned. Each day Slenaseas forces worked at using moon magic in new ways, one of the more powerful forms of it became the ability to create armor out of it, covering the caster in shadows and causing them to imitate the form and durability of a moon serpent, a discovery that reinforced Slenaseas forces two fold as not many moon serpents did not exist during the time of the war due to the fact how long it took to create them. Nobody really knows how the war ended, as the empire was in ruins at this point, nobody really seems to know if either side won as no moon serpents or white dragonoids seem to exist in our age. Speculations abound however if the northern and southern dragonoids are the offspring of the white dragonoids who managed to escape the chaos at the central provinces or the conscription in the outer provinces. One question still remains, what happened to Slenasea and her followers?

However bad it may sound, moon magic isn't inherently bad for the caster, but prolonged and frequent conjuration of it will gnaw away at the disciples corporeal form and sanity. Indeed once the permanent changes begin to appear it is very difficult if not impossible to cure ones appearance, however for these changes to happen it would take months if not years of frequent casting. Compared to other forms of magic, this variant may seem alluring due to its simplicity and ease of use, but it all comes with a cost, becoming consumed by the very thing you bring to existence.


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