The cardinal matriarch

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The cardinal matriarch

Author Comments

"We've been holed up in the bomb shelter of the local school for what I think is a couple of days. There's 7 of us in here, 5 men and 2 women. The banging against the door had stopped a day or so ago, which had been keeping the majority of us awake and alert in the darkness. However the banging was replaced by noises coming from the piping, all of us could hear it, it is like something is constantly flowing through them, like someone had left the faucet on. It is faint, but quite audible, the pipes themselves seeming to be under a lot of stress as they vibrate constantly. This one guy in the group who had been very uneasy the whole time, I mean all of us have been uneasy, but him especially, began try to convince for all of us to leave and get out while we still could. The majority of us however felt like we should stay and wait for the army to come and help. He however was very adamant that help was not coming and that we should help ourselves. I didn't really like this person too much, Alex, there was something just off putting about him and he was obviously one of the quirkier people as he had purple contact lenses which make him look really unnerving in the dimly lit darkness.

As a day goes by and we have just eaten the last bit of food we had on us unrest is starting to settle in to the rest of us. We've exhausted our other options, not to say that there were many to begin with, but we have to move now if we intend to, while we are still in at least moderately good health. We cranked open the thick metal door and the old iron door let out a deep groan as it was opened. As it opened we noticed all of the purple almost plant like things growing out of the other side of the door, actually, once we shone the flashlight out of the shelter and outside into the basement we noticed that it was covering a lot of the walls, ceilings and floor. Immediately after seeing this 4 of us refused to go out. We attempted to argue that they wouldn't stay safe inside the shelter for long, but they refused, all the while Alex was trying to get us going. Not wanting to waste precious minutes, we bid the rest of our group farewell as the pulled the shelters door shut and locked it behind us.

Alex seemed to know the layout of the school and led us through a few staircases and hallways and out of the school itself. We were relieved to find that there was less of the strange flora the farther we got from the basement. That is until we got outside. As the schools front doors swung open before us lay the parking lot and a few residential houses, all covered in the very same flora that we saw in the basement, the air itself was filled with unnatural groans and rumbling, most of which sounded far away as they echoed through the transformed streets of the town square. The third guy, whose name I cannot for the life of me remember immediately began running off. Alex tried to yell for him to stop but he didn't listen as he ran off into the darkness and away from the school. Then we heard a crash and an abrupt scream. From the darkness we could see this colossal alien being lumbering towards the school as most of its form came into the cone of the streetlights. Innumerable appendages writhed and squirmed in its form which itself seemed like it was still stuck halfway of being formed. On one of its appendages we could briefly see someone before they were pushed inside the thing, I didn't care to think about the implications of such a fate at that moment as I took off running into the opposite way of that thing. I soon realized however that Alex wasn't running with me, I glanced back and noticed that he was still standing there at the entrance, almost seeming like he was smiling as the monster grabbed him. I didn't stop to look what happened afterwards, but I could only imagine the same thing that happened to the other guy. I kept on running till I was on the brink of death near the other edge of the town. It would be a long walk from here, but I didn't have much other options, just hope I can outrun whatever those things are."


Love your work. It looks very much like this and House Guest are the same threat, which would make sense given how close together you uploaded them.

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themefinland responds:

Correct! In fact this organism has a name too, "the amalgamate" and it is featured in quite a few drawings of mine.

Could be great for a CS:GO skin

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4.83 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2016 | 1:42 PM EDT
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1900 x 960 px
3.3 mb

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