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Plant abominations


"It is well known where the flower like plant known as damnates decores or more commnoly known as "damning beauty" got its beginnings. It was first created by an unnamed, hermit gifted in the ways of splicing (a form of controversial alchemy used to transmute organic matter) as a form of defense against thieves. The plant was created by splicing together several plants that he could find inside the forest that fit his criteria. The resulting plant grew in large web like formations, however its name is derived from its paralyzing effect on animals and people alike. What could be assumed is that the alchemist intended the flowers to lure in victims with its gorgeous appearance and appealing smell after which the spores from the fungi would paralyze the victim. The alchemist itself may have not expected the plant to become so potent as they became paralyzed and were consumed by the very plant they had created.

However, at some point something unexpected must have happened in the evolution of the plant. It is unknown whether or not it was the intent of the unnamed alchemist that the plant would create strange monstrosities from within it. The correlation between the damnates decores and the monstrosities became obvious as an explorer once said "I could see large seed like pods rise from between the vines, I couldn't believe my eyes as I could see one of them slowly curl open as a horrid plant like monstrosity stepped out of it". Later on it would also become evident that the plant was creating these abominations by feeding on the deceased that fell into it. These creatures are considered to be extremely territorial and hostile often acting as if they are guarding the plant colony. If one is foolish enough to approach a sprawling damnates decores colony they will most likely be captured by one of its creatures and suffer the same fate as these monstrosities did before being turned into the plants servants. The plant thrives in areas such as catacombs and untended graveyards, generally in places with plenty of death as well as shade.

The monsters that spawn from the plant are very dangerous in combat to the unprepared and will certainly result in death or worse. Using fire and intense heat is a good way to dispose of the plants, however a single torch will not cut it in most cases due to the dampness of the areas where it thrives as well as because the plant itself is very water based. Therefore it is usually best to dispose of the monsters themselves with cutting weapons or with fire combined with oil. One would be wise to keep distance of them however, as getting too close to the monsters unprotected is an easy way to be paralyzed by their spores or to be crushed by their appendages. What makes them even more problematic is their strange and almost non-existent anatomy. Due to the creatures form being based on twisting vines and other flora it can be difficult to find weak spots and to determine any patterns in their attacks, as more vines can suddenly lash out from their form on a seconds notice making fighting them in close combat a task best left only for the most skilled. The paralyzing agent both the plant and its creatures usually only paralyzes only for several minutes before its effect dissipates, it is notable however that the person remains completely aware with all vital bodily functions intact but unable to move during this time. However this time can become elongated the more of the agent is inhaled, therefore making it almost impossible to recover from the paralysis if one remains in the spore ridden area.

Once the plant has secured a paralyzed prey on top of the plant, the vines slowly begin to drag the body beneath the plant, a process that takes hours to days depending on the size of the plant. It takes a week for the plant to grow the seed from which the reanimated prey will reanimate from, it takes another week or two for the creature to emerge from the seed itself. Once the creature has lived its course, it will rot back into the plant where it came from and begin the cycle anew.

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This is awesome

"the upside down" of the sea

Omg freaking gosh.... I love how u used the colours and lighting....like wow dude...can i hv it as a pet please lol...*fakes laugh but being totally serious*.

themefinland responds:

I am not entirely sure if you would actually, like really want to have it as a pet, maybe try a dog or a cat first, those are far less likely to turn you into a plant monster thing.

Aww man this is the best, I can see it being used as TCG card art. Good Job!

themefinland responds:

Thanks a bunch mate!

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Aug 23, 2016
3:25 PM EDT
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