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Got a wee bit carried away with this one, was just supposed to be like a 1.5 hour speedpaint, but ended up spending my whole Sunday working on this, whoops!

"Today I met up with a unique individual while wandering out in the tundras. Late in the day one of the wolf folk sneaked up on me, thankfully though I suppose they didn't consider myself as much of a threat and instead of ending me right there and then we actually ended up sharing a campfire. We shared stories under the darkening night sky, I telling of all the things I had seen during my wandering, albeit I hadn't been up and about for too long, maybe a few weeks, but I had already witnessed many a strange and wondrous things. I told them about the giant obelisks I saw in the marshlands a few days ago and showed them the drawing I had done of them, they seemed quite impressed by the things and told me that they are going to let their tribe know the existence of these. They also had a lot to tell, however the one story that caught my attention the most was their version about the disappearance of the white dragon kin and moon magic. The white dragonoids are a popular folk story among my people, so I wanted to write down the wolfs interpretation of them.

The white dragonoids celebrated the moon. The moon represented purity and rebirth in their culture, the darkness that comes with the moon hiding the impurities and allowing them to see things from a new perspective when only the most integral features of an object are visible. Their kingdom also represented this, buildings had intricate silhouettes and small details were forsook over the bigger picture. Their ruling over the land lasted ages, that is until their last emperor Slenasea began to see a particular spirit in her dreams after having fallen asleep under a full moon. Over the course of several nights the spirit tempted her with the ability to control the magical essence of the moon, the only thing it wanted in return was for her to worship it as their patron saint of the moon. She was doubtful however and wanted to see proof of the things it promised to her. The spirit told her to go outside during the next full moon and to write down a few specific words which she would have to utter under the light of the moon.

Once the moon had become full yet again, she entered her courtyard and spoke those words, which was when her hand became to turn black. She found that she could manipulate darkness itself, shifting the shadows in the courtyard and creating objects out of them that almost seemed physical in nature. She was impressed by this, but slightly alarmed by her discolored hand. Unfortunately however, one of her servants had noticed her in the courtyard and was quite alarmed by what they witnessed. Next day she would begin to wear gloves to avoid anyone from noticing her blackened hand. During the following weeks word had already began to circulate among the people about the incident as well as magic in general. However during this time Slenasea had already began to teach moon magic close to her and slowly it was being introduced to the people as well. The people of Slenasea were already respectful of the moon and magic derived from it became quite natural to them and integrating it to their culture was quite straightforward. A golden age came into blossom in their civilization as the people learned to use the magic to better their lives. As years passed they became more and more dependent on magic and it had left its scars on the people. Those who used it most frequently had large scars from the temporary transformation using it causes to the wielder. Around this time however, Slenasea had stopped appearing publicly completely and rarely any of the inhabitants of the palace showed themselves to the public....

You can check the rest of the story here: http://themefinland.deviantart.com/art/Moon-magic-643044707
Sorry! Cant fit it all here because of the character limit.

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