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"After the initial infestation of the amalgamate became clear people were being evacuated out of their homes from the nearby area. The people weren't given any reason for this however and the media was talking about some sort of a disease as the details were still very unclear on what this thing is. However it was clear that it was spreading fast and it was already threatening smaller towns near the ground zero. The majority of the people were evacuated, however as several people were misinformed by the media what they were up against, decided instead to stay and weather the storm, some people were even thrilled and excited by this, as they could finally make use of their bug out bags and other survival equipment they had laying around since the last supposed global threat. After the army including any and all officials had left the town it quite rapidly fell into varying states of anarchy, stores now left without anyone to take care of them were being looted and the streets became unsafe as people were becoming suspicious of others as they did not know how this new disease worked, some were expecting zombies and others a lethal flu. Then, in almost a blink of an eye all the lights went out, computers shut off and refrigerators ceased working. The electricity had been shut down to the town as it was condemned by the military. A low hum took over parts of the town as emergency generators kicked inside some of the houses. Some people would later on try to get out of the town, however they would quickly find out that the army had set up checkpoints a few miles away from the towns main roads, letting nobody get in or out.

You wake up in cold sweat in the middle of the night as you hear a loud thump come from somewhere outside the bedroom. Looters, again, suppose food stuffs were running low for some as people robbing others had become more and more common place as the unguarded stores had been swiped clean. With care you avoid making a sound when you get up from the bed, sliding from between the blankets and grabbing the flashlight from the nightstand as well as the handgun from the drawer, with shaking hands you check its magazine before sliding it slowly back into the gun. Your heartbeat being so loud inside the dark house you almost worry if the invader could hear it beating behind the wall. Usually you only need to wave your gun at them, but you never know when they get desperate enough to actually kill another man for scraps of food. Carefully tip toeing to the door you turn the handle slowly and pull the door back shining the flashlight into the dark hallway towards the way you heard the noise, pointing the handgun into the same direction, making it obvious that you were armed. As you take a step into the hallway your foot lands into something sticky on the floor, you shine the flashlight towards the stuff that is stuck on the bottom of your slipper, oil? What is this, is this guy trying to burn down the house? Then there is another thud, coming from behind the corner in the hallway. Carefully avoiding any of the occasional puddles of the stuff you slowly make your way to the corner. Focusing for a bit before suddenly turning the corner to face the intruder, flashlight and gun pointed at their way and commanding them to freeze...However your command trails off as you realize who the intruder is, as it isn't certainly no person or anything that should belong to this world."


Good backstory great artwork...
It's has a strange look to it like chitin of an alien crustacean...
Your work with both shadow and light are also impressive...

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4.83 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2016
1:27 PM EDT
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1336 x 1000 px
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