High king of Vuri


The blade of the goddess Vuri marks the just leader of her people. The person wielding the blade must be both honest in mind and action to be able to carry it, those who have sinned are unable to lift the sword at all and will fell their sins weigh them down when they attempt to pick up the sword. However those who are innocent and honest will find that the blade itself is light as a feather despite its size and rigid build. However, the blade cannot be used for foul play, as if the wielder intends to strike down an innocent person the wielder will suddenly lose balance as the sword would become impossibly heavy. Some people consider this to be a curse as it forces the wielder to allow their assailant the chance of a first strike and also allow them to live if they plead for their lives, however the latter rarely happens due to the sheer amount of damage the sword can do to a person if wielded properly. Of course none of that counts if the assailant is not an honest person who has done malicious deeds in the past, but most who wield the sword allow their combatants the first attack just to be safe, this is the reason why the kings who wield the sword of Vuri also wear heavy armor. Another curious fact of the blade is that when a fitting candidate to wield the sword touches it they will transform into what is believed is a minor representation of Vuri. The transformation is rather jarring and therefore many decide against becoming the high king just because of that fact alone and decide to remain as royal advisors or congresspeople, or perhaps they do this because they know they wouldn't be able to lift the sword due to their past sins. If the wielder of the sword comes near a person who has committed a crime of noticeable degree, such as: burglary, treason, murder, highway robbery and other crimes of equal magnitude, the wielder will be overcome with the urge to punish said person even if they are not aware of the crime themselves. The degree of the punishment varies from cutting the persons hand off with the blade to decapitation. Curiously enough, several members of the royalty decide to consciously avoid the king and communicate instead through letters, perhaps herein lies the reason.

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a very commanding lizard!

I literally gasped when I saw this piece. I love the juxtaposition of the traditional knight outfit with the dragon, and the slight angle upwards is particularly well done. Can I ask if there's any particular reason you cheated the dragon more towards the left/bottom part of the canvas?

themefinland responds:

Cheers LauraBR for the nice feedback!
Ah yeah, I initially wasn't going to put that gust of sand/dust there, but I wanted the image to have some dynamism in it (I am a big fan of using dust smoke and sand in my images). Also I felt that it would serve the composition much better if I obscured the lower part of the armor as such as to move the attention more towards the upper half of the image where the important bits are (of course the contrasting green color of the characters head and the shine of the armor already do a lot of work in that aspect). And of course I wanted to slightly show the stormy past of this person who has most likely had to kill more than a few people who they did not want to, but were forced to because of the influence of the sword itself.

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