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Daiki pushed a rusty door that let out an unpleasantly long creak as it swung open, the dust kicking off the old factory floor as the cold and damp air inside blew past him into the overgrown forest. He folded his wings behind him as he carefully stepped inside and left the large door slightly ajar behind him. This would have been a prime target for the amalgamate, out of sight, plenty of sun, Daiki looked up at the broken skylights above and more importantly plenty of biomass for it to feed from. He was a part of the joint operation put forth by the few countries that were struck hardest by the amalgamate Daikis and his co-workers task was a rather simple one, confirm the amalgamate has been completely destroyed and if not collect samples of it and inform the higher ups of the location of the amalgamate pocket so it can be destroyed. Most precautions had been thrown out of the window by now and if a pocket was found it was to be incinerated immediately, less paperwork, but more collateral damage.
Daiki looked around the factory for any unusual signs, scanning the ceiling, walls and the floor. He swiped off the dust on a plate which read "Will's bottling company est.1986" That's a name that hasn't been around in awhile. If it weren't for the overgrowth that would be the second best indicator on how old and moldy this place must be. Daiki reached into his bag grabbing an air quality meter, which should let him know if there was something here out of sight. The numbers on the device seemed normal, apart from methane which number was red and blinking. Clearly something was awry. He took a few careful steps around the room before coming upon the cause of the readings. He pushed his mask tighter on his muzzle as the decomposing deer carcass lay behind a pile of steel beams. Slightly unnerved by this he took a few steps back and that is when the floor gave under him.
Beneath the thick layer of dust the amalgamate had created a hardened layer over one of its smaller brooding pools. Daikis feet shattered the hard outer layer and he was plunged into the tar like substance beneath. Very soon it felt as if he was being dragged under and into the brooding pool as he struggled and tried to crawl out, but the amalgamate had no interest in letting its new host go. The more he struggled the more powerless he felt as the terrible burning caused by the assimilation process became more and more severe as he could feel his lower half already begin to lose its shape. Still frantically trying to reach out to the edge of the pool his balance betrayed him and he fell chest first into the amalgamate. For a moment he weakly tried to pull himself free but it wasn't long until his entire form was covered by the goo, leaving just a round protrusion on the shiny surface of the brood which would also soon disappear.
Then, the surface of the brooding pool began to bubble and stir. A new broodling began to rise from the old brood which hadn't seen new spawn in a long time. The sticky goo like substance would spread and rise as the new broodlings back began to come into view. Slowly spike like protrusions on its back began to separate from it and harden, its new wings and pair of strange organic protrusions on its back designed to spread the spores of its new species. Eventually the head and arms would also become legible from the rest of the sickly goo. The new creature had some distant resemblance to Daiki, but was terribly malformed and transformed, impossible to be identified as him by most. It let out a deep guttural groan as it opened its maw for the first time, grabbing a nearby support beam as it continued to take shape, it's second arm and lower half still forming. The now ringing smart phone and bag that lay on the ground in front of it belonged to Daiki, but bore no significance to it. It could feel the connection already in place with him and the brood, feeling the alien plants already rise and grow from the old brood. It let out a guttural roar as it leaped up and through the skylights, knowing that the amalgamate would spread again.

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Jul 29, 2016
7:10 AM EDT
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