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Drawn in yesterdays stream. Here is also some background story for this:

"As it appeared before me I it spoke in hundreds of different languages and in none at all at the same time. I could understand all of them, yet I couldn't comprehend any of it. The voice shifted from the harshest of static to the most soothing of melodies. Transitions between them happening so suddenly I couldn't even notice, know or remember when one had happened. The flood of information maddening, one could understand everything, yet know nothing, abstract constructs forming in my mind every passing second, formations exceeding our dimensions. It felt as if time had become all but destroyed, this unfathomable mass of illumination having crushed the mere meaning of time itself, useless in the grand scheme that was unfolding before my every sense. Even if I tried to close my eyes and ears from all these awe inspiring, horrible, beautiful and terrible things I couldn't stop the flood of this disturbing information. All of my senses were working against me, behaving in ways they were not meant to be. It was as if I could see with smells and hear with my eyes, nothing felt normal or behaved in that pleasant familiar way. All the norms and things we have come to expect and that help us function were torn away, the carpet had been pulled under my feet and I fell into an universe that was dysfunctional by the very definition of the word. My mind felt as if it was a stranger in my body which now felt more like a cage designed to contain my mind than an extension of it.

Equally jarring was the transition back. I had no idea how much time had passed, but judging by everything around me I would guess just mere seconds, if that. Trying to think back at the things I saw and heard was near impossible, as trying to even comprehend the things gave me a concussive headache, as if my mind wasn't even able to compute the things, it was as futile as trying to fit your head through the hole in a needle. It may have ruined me forever to have peeked into the forbidden unknown and it may seem as if I have gained nothing from it, but it revealed me the truth to all things, even if I am not yet able to comprehend them."

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What a fantastic drawing! It kind of reminds me of Beerus from Dragonball Z.

I love the colors, the shading, the theme, the background, pretty much everything. One thing I really like about this drawing is how you can see the reflection of his legs on the ground. A very nice little touch.

This is a superb drawing and you deserved frontpage for it.

Keep up the great work!

thank you.

wow... this is a very AWESOME, detailed, and beautiful drawing!
its so dark, and so mysterious... i like how you cleverly use nice shading/lighting effects, and that the creature is tall, impressive, and scary, with nicely drawn scales, strange horns on its head, 3 eyes (two on its face, closed, and 1 large on the top of its head, open), many fingers, and with glowing runic signs on its body.

also, despite the creature's fearsome appearance, its pose/gesture, indicate the nature of a calm, reasonable intellectuall, a wise creature that is here to teach things, to enlighten people, and not to destroy them.

hence the matching title, ''antithesis''. (the opposite(s)).
wisdom and stoicism, in one creepy package.

i like how it holds its hand in a V shape/gesture, and it thus makes the ''enlightment'' movement, in order to teach everything to the viewer/ to the narrator.

also, the story is great as well: i loved all the details, and the nice/atmospheric narrative.

overall, you did a GREAT work, please do more stuff like this, keep it up... you rock!

themefinland responds:

Thanks a lot for the very in depth comment man! It was very nice to read that, and hear your interpretations on this, which were pretty much spot on. Worry not however, as I will keep on drawing and you will most likely see stuff like this in the future :)

Love the demonic vibe it gives off. Even the little story that goes with it is pretty intense. Especially the beginning, where it speaks different languages at the same time. That I could hear it and see it. Colors are interesting, sticking to your pinks and purples. However, what kinda kills it for me is a couple things. The seven toes you got going there, ehhhh, not my cup of tea. And at first glance it looked like a rabbit, well looked like it has rabbit ears. And the occultism two fingers, I would've gone with satanic fingers. But overall I love it enough to favorite it, well done.

themefinland responds:

Thanks man! This was a sort of a remix based on an older design I had from a previous drawing based in this same story line. I can see why this design wouldn't sit too well with some people, but I appreciate that you took the time to outline the few parts which you didn't like as much!

Thought it was Beerus from DB Super....

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4.58 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2016
4:51 AM EDT
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