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This is the beginning of a superhero project I'm working on, featuring the titular hero, Hightide. I don't expect this project to change the world, and is homage to silver age comics and the like, so expect some cliches. Don't think of him as Aquaman, as most of the setting takes place on land, Boston Harbor. Besides, it's better that way.

Background: Student slacker and marine technology intern, Kevin Alexander, gets the shock of his life after a freighter carrying experimental drugs capsizes due to a gang related attack, and causes his body to inherit superhuman powers. He dons an prototype wetsuit and vows to bring the violence to the douchebags that started it all. Life is good for a time, beating thugs and taking on super powered criminals when a sudden encounter with a former colleague sends his world out of control. No longer believing he inherited his powers by "chance" Kevin is unwillingly played about a battlefield as a pawn in some unimaginable game. Will seeking the truth bring him answers or mental ruination?

Powers/Tech: Powers: Enhanced physical capabilities. Super strength: can throw a car; stamina for taking hits and holding breath, and speed, can move slightly faster than a normal dude. His strength is reflexive, only truly occurring when his subconscious allows it (much like adrenaline). Because of this, roughhousing with a little cousin or some such is not lethal unless the cousin injures/provokes him.

Electroreception/Lateral Line System. He can see/feel electric/magnetic fields around him thanks to tiny sensory organs in his sinuses and forehead while underwater. (Much like a superenhanced Ray or Shark) He can orient himself to the electric fields of oceanic currents, and use other sources of electric fields in the ocean for local orientation. Additionally, the electric field he induces in his own body when swimming in the magnetic field of the earth allows him to sense his magnetic heading, much like a bio-GPS. Through great effort, HT can align himself with a specific magnetic 'fingerprint' allowing him to locate a person or area within 100 miles. HT may use these abilities while in open air but has to concentrate a great deal because of the lesser conductivity of air.

Boots. Generate stable waves of water through "hypercondensation" where coils wrapped around the legs smash particles together creating a super-condense burst of water. The water is then held stable by a small sonic resonator in the heel. Wave can be 'turned on' and 'turned off' via the button on HTs belt. The waves can and do evaporate like normal water. A cooldown period must take effect after generating a wave. When used underwater, effectively creates a similar current, allowing ht to swim fast. On land speeds can reach 250mph at maximum velocity.



awsome. I love all your work.. Espesaly godzilla. I was brought up on godzilla man. You shold see godzilla final war if you havent already. it's one of the best. P.S. you should draw Get Jagua

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TheKillustrator responds:

Thanks. I'm a huge Godzilla dork. You even been to GFest in Chicago? Great family friendly convention. I'm there every year. Maybe I'll make Jet Jaguar a priority this year.


I found this to be really interesting, and I actually read everything, usually I don't but I love people that make their own unique hero.

If this is ever released in a comic store near me, I'd be first in line! But there's no comic store near me :(

I gave it a 9 because I don't know how illegal drugs capsizing would cause him to have supernatural powers... was he in the water when it happened? Are there illegal drugs that are toxic somehow?

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TheKillustrator responds:

Thanks! Yes and yes. Crazy-made up drugs. You know, comic book drugs. It's actually a pretty intricate plot, but who knows if it will ever get that far. Thanks for the comments, though.

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