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Silica Nexus


Well, here she is.
The one robutt lady that has quickly become my mascot in a way, and a massive fan favorite.
This is Silica Nexus, and I love her to bits.
As you can see she is very Megaman inspired by the arm canon.
For those who are interested, I'll least her character info down here.
I plan on trying to create a little world and set of characters based around Silica Nexus.

Name: Silica Nexus.

Year of Creation: 77,993 A.R.

Creator: Doctor Nicolai Nexus

Serial Number: NSN-010.

Sex: Female (Gynoid).

Droid Type: Bio-Android

Droid Job: Special Forces Military Combatant.

Height: 5’ ft 2’’ in (157 cm).

Weight: 200 lbs (91 kg).

Core: New Type Infinite Energy Core.

Weapons: Her morphing body/armor.
This allows Silica to transform her body parts into various amount of weapons.
Her only limit is her imagination.


Silica Nexus is a Bio Android created by Nicolai Nexus, a genius in robotics.
Originally, Silica was to be the 6th member in his previously created Special Forces team; The Polymorphic Rangers.
However, with their massive success in deadly missions Dr. Nexus decided to keep Silica’s fighting prowess turned off to allow her to live a normal civilian life.
Silica enjoyed being a normal woman, but with the recent activities of violence happening in Devol City this made her think twice about civilian life.
The terrorist group the Cyber Syndicate where the ones behind all of the recent attack, with their leader Theodore “Mad” Thorn; Dr. Nexus' former student.
Silica begged for Dr. Nexus to turn on her combative capabilities in order to fight against the new threat.
At first Dr. Nexus was hesitant, not wanting to drag Silica into a battle that has no true outcome.
However, he could not but help to take Silica’s shining courage as a sign that she could make a big difference.
Within one week all of Silica’s combative abilities were turned online and further upgraded with more recent tech.
Silica Nexus now operating at her full capacity swears to protect Devol City from the attacks of the Cyber Syndicate, Theodore Thorn and all those who’d threaten her city.


Silica’s primarily extremely courageous and just, choosing to give up her civilian life and face the threat Mad Thorn and the Cyber Syndicate posed because she wanted to help and do the right thing.
That being said, despite her being built for the sole purpose of combat, she tends not to like needless and senseless violence.
She always tries to find an alternative to violence if she can.
However, when diplomacy fails, Silica will not back down from a threat, and will make sure it’ll be a fight to not forget.
Along with these traits she's also kind, generous, and polite.
Never turning down anyone and always will to lend a hand no matter how small or big the problem is.

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Dec 19, 2018
5:37 AM EST
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