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Mastermind v2.0


Mastermind and Femme Fatality v2.0, practice only! Not sure if I'll take the series in a new stylistic direction (although I have every time already anyway).

Simplified anatomy is always what I've aimed for, but you have to learn the rules before you can break them. I'm not done learning the rules yet, but I thought I'd give breaking them a shot for a change.


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Mastermind vs. Mastermight

Exploring your own creations is always a good idea, and it helps to broaden the perspective of the concept. This is a really nice art style and the characters are well drawn, and the coloring and the shading are of course well done without objection for the chosen art style. By the looks of it "Femme Fatality" does her name justice and suits well into the MM concept but the Mastermind himself is quite comically portrayed.

I really enjoy the art and animation style that you already have in the Mastermind series. This Mastermind version conveys a "more brawns than brains" presence and his gigantic hands could probably break rocks and squeeze skulls like bad fruit while frightening everyone around him with that insane expression that gives the impression of that the guy's mentally unstable and can freak out any moment, and that is kind of taking away that unique charisma the original has, but this version is more humorous instead.

The original Mastermind is intimidating through the look of his well built body, his calm and calculating facial expression that hints of an evil genius, and with his dark and commanding voice you really get impressed with the guy, and when it comes down to business he's nothing but an egocentric idiot and only sits there in his chair while bullying his own underlings for amusement, and still he has an army of loyal soldiers that follows him, and sometimes I wonder if he is just eccentric and bored. This is what I believe that makes the series so damn amusing and special.

It is a nice doodle nonetheless!


It's not bad but it does not look like the movies at all plus if its supposed to be V2 why does it look worse.


In my opinion this mastermind looks way to muscular and fighter like. His name says "mind" after all. This guy could be current mastermind's bodyguard. Main point here would be the the sixpack and his chest.

The girl looks promising though.

Everyone will be biased against new designs.

For the most part, I agree with kreal-84. As for being less intimidating, it's probably because he actually shows facial emotion. Can't say I dislike the new design, but MM3 is the one that convinced me to buy the shirt.
What if this guy was one of Mastermind's generals though? If his appearance is anything like his personality, I would love to see this guy and the original Mastermind interact.
I've been leaving and coming back to this for over half an hour now, and the more I see it, the more I think the new design looks more like an evil boss/general, but not a Mastermind styled character. He actually looks like he might get up and do something himself.
I only one or two things to say about Femme Fatality. 1: She reminds me of the stereotypical evil Russian chick. 2: She doesn't really seem to fit with the rest of the Mastermind art style. Maybe it's because she's not red enough? Maybe it's just the white outline. I don't know, I'm artistically ignorant.

-" Pfft, you fight him then and see who wins :( "
Your reaction is funny as hell

i like it

is that masterminds semi retarded brother or something

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Oct 8, 2009
11:50 PM EDT
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