Wendy's Exposure





Wendy sat in her car, hands locked on the steering wheel as she tried to work up the courage. Her heart had been racing all morning as she prepared for this moment but now, she was paralyzed at the prospect of actually following through with it. Did she actually have the guts to go through with this? And what if she got caught? Oh goddess, if she got caught! Her mind began racing with the thoughts of what would happen to her and she had to squeeze the steering wheel even tighter to prevent her hands from wandering. She had to collect herself, taking a long, slow breath and then slowly, she opened the door to her car and got out. She was parked at a secluded mountain trail, completely deserted this early in the morning, wearing a knee-length coat that in itself looked incredibly suspicious. She knew the longer she waited, the less chance she'd actually have of pulling this off so with one last breath, she pulled off her coat revealing the outfit she had prepared: an excessively baggy tank top that was intended to be worn over another shirt or sports bra but she had nothing save her fur underneath, and a tiny pair of running shorts with nothing underneath them as well. She must have worked herself up quite a bit as she could feel how damp her tiny shorts had become and see her nipples poking clearly through the baggy top. It felt so exhilarating to actually be outside wearing such a lewd outfit, even if there wasn't anyone around to see it- at least, not yet. Part of the adventure is the thrill that comes with potentially getting caught.

With a flick of her little tail, Wendy began her jog up the trail. She had a big, giddy smile on her face and a blush on her cheeks as she felt her breasts bounce freely while her top fluttered in the air. Her tiny shorts were already starting to ride up, hugging her ass and rubbing against her bare lips. Everything was exactly as she had hoped and her mind raced at thoughts of what would happen if she came across another jogger. Would they stare at her, would they follow her, grab her, bend her over- AAAAHHH!!! The sound of her hooves on the trail was almost completely drowned out by the sound of her own thumping heart, practically leaping from her chest as her imagination ran wild, pondering all the ways she might get exposed. The morning was still young now but there was a good chance of running into someone on the way back- or someones.

After twenty minutes of hearing her heart pounding and her thoughts dwelling completely on the thrill of being caught, she knew she couldn't hold back anymore. She had to go further. With another giggle, she slipped her top up, fully exposing her breasts. She couldn't believe she was taking it further but she just couldn't help herself! Her blood pumped with adrenaline at the new heights she was taking and it wasn't long before she got an even more wicked idea. Without slowing her stride, she slipped the tank top up over her head and then, as she took a turn, casually tossed it off the trail and continued. There was no going back now- if anyone came along she couldn't hide her deviant intentions. She was jogging completely topless through the woods and anyone who might come along would know. Her bottoms were drenched by now and definitely not with sweat as she came to the end of the trail. She knew now it was time to turn around and head back- the most dangerous part of her outing as she'd come across any other hikers heading up that may have arrived after her. This was her last chance- did she really have the courage to go all the way? To devote herself completely to the thrill of being exposed? The question quickly answered itself as her perverse mind was all but completely in control now. She slipped off her bottoms, standing completely nude now and instead of tossing her shorts aside, she proudly hung them on a branch in clear view, a testament to anyone else of what she left behind even if they didn't see her. There was no turning back now- not like she wanted to anyway. She began to the jog back to her car, naked as the day she was born, bursting at the seams at what might happen if she were caught.


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Amazing pictures and a wonderful short story to boot. Thank you!

TerdBurgler responds:

You're welcome! It was my pleasure.

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