Desert Bloom


"Is my new concubine prepared?" Lord Hassan demanded as he walked towards his quarters. His personal servant, following at his heels replied promptly.

"Yes Lord Hassan, and might I say, she is the loveliest yet."

"It's about time those slave traders found good stock," Lord Hassan snapped. "I've been most disappointed with their property. You'd think they dealt in swine!"

"Actually, this one came not from the traders. She volunteered herself personally so that she may feed her family."

"Excellent," Hassan hissed, licking his lips in anticipation. "You've had her examined?"

"Yes Lord. She is untouched by the hands of men, yours to deflower."

They approached the grand doors to Lord Hassan's personal quarters and the servant bowed deeply and departed. When he walked in, he was met with a beautiful sight. An alluring fox stood by the window, the cool, desert air whipping through her hair. She turned as he walked him and flashed him a heated look that could melt iron.

"My my, what a fine specimen! It's difficult to think that such a fine treasure would go untouched." He snapped his fingers and his two personal guards closed the doors and took their post to each side, averting their eyes from the scene. "What is your name?"

"Eileen," she said, batting her eyes. Her body swayed and swooned, never staying still for a moment. Her hips danced with slow, sensual grace.

"That will not do, pet," Hassan said, grinning. "Tonight, you shall call me master and when I deem it appropriate, I shall bestow you a name. Do you understand me?"

Eileen bowed her head slowly and said, "Yes, master."

Lord Hassan approached her, resting a hand on her waist and the fox cooed. Her fiery-red fur was warm to the touch and her emerald-green eyes looked into his longingly. His hand slid up her torso and under her skimpy top, groping her breast violently. Her eyes closed and she let out a breathy moan. Despite her warmth, she was shivvering and her tail swished from side to side.

"Sensitive, are we? Good. I like to hear the noises a fine bitch makes." He ripped the top off her her and brutally pinched her perking nipple and she released a pained yelp. As he tweaked one breast, he brought his mouth down to taste her other breast. As he did, he used his other hand to slip under her skimpy, lower garment and pushed it down. It drifted to the ground easily and the guards couldn't help but look up at the bare fox and her sensual moans.

Satisfied with her taste, Hassan took his mouth away from her breast and stepped back to look over her bare body. She was stroking her hips as he did, still eager after the less-than-gentle treatment he had given her breasts. "You've got enthusiasm. That's good but you still must be trained. Get on the bed," Hassan instructed.

Eileen bowed and obeyed, climbing onto the bed. No sooner had her rump hit the sheets that Lord Hassan was strapping her arms and legs into ropes tied to the bed posts. "I'm going to enjoy your body, slave. You will learn to adore my ministrations." His eyebrow quirked when they rested on the dagger strapped to her arm.

"A weapon?" He asked. "Why was this not removed?"

"Do not worry, Master," Eileen said, strapped down to the bed. "It is only a fake. It cannot be drawn from its sheath. You may try for yourself."

Lord Hassan gave it a strong tug and it didn't budge. Then he glared down at her with a smile, "Trying to look dangerous for your new master, are we? I'll be sure to teach you who is the truly dangerous one here. Guards! Leave us," he said with a wave. "She's of no danger to me tied to the bed."

The guards departed and locked the door behind them, leaving Lord Hassan alone with Eileen, her limbs tied spread eagle to the bed posts. Hassan climbed up onto the bed on all fours, prowling up between her legs. "I always prefer to get a... taste of my women before I take them. I've tasted your breast and now," he looked down at her mound and licked his lips lewdly. "It is time for me to taste your nectar."


Rest of the story couldn't fit so we'll just leave it at that,


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Damn good story for the artwork.

I like story time....


my goddess *w*

verry good! and the story makes me want to do the same! but are you going to make a cartoon? i mean a comic? that would be cool too. both ways are interesting.

instand boner

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