My DC Designs: Harley Quinn


What's this? Harley Quinn? Fabulous!

I've always wanted to create my own designs for various DC characters. And now, I'm actually doing them. Batman would have been the first, but I screwed him up, so I did Harley instead. Coming up next will be my favourite Batman villain, Mr. Freeze. And then you might get Batman himself after that.

Anyway, so this is obviously Harley, but my own design. Based off of designs from the Arkham games, as well as the Animated Series, and of course my own ideas. Expect more characters up soon!

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Let me tell you, you've mastered a bunch of things starting out that some people at my age don't even grasp. Your attention to detail and how everything looks balanced on her (no leg bigger than the other) really show your dedication. Also love the background and the faded extras around it. I can tell you're dedicated, and that's very good. Don't stop. If you plan on studying art, first thing I'd recommend is you take an Anatomy class. Once I took anatomy I understood so many things about drawing humans, and why certain things look out of place even when I erase and redraw a lot. That's all I'd say you have to look out for: proportions and their placement.

Keep it up, tho!

Tarantulaben responds:

Thanks man. Anatomy is actually probably one of my few flaws as an artist, so I've been trying to get better at it. That's what I get for drawing nothing but Madness Combat for a while.

Long time no see :)

It looks cool, but the neck is... a bit off. And legs are kinda weird. Overall, it looks like a clear 10/10. Looking at details it looses a bit. Anyways, cool job here. I think it's best Harley design I've seen, no joke here.


Tarantulaben responds:

Thank you, I do look back on it now and have since noticed that the neck and legs could have used some tweaking. The next female I'll probably do is Catwoman, so I will make sure to pay attention to that stuff.

Also, thanks for the compliment on my design, that was the main thing I wanted people to see. c:

It's great, I love the shading, but just the legs are too short as risebeyond said.

Tarantulaben responds:

Damn. Alright, I'll work on making legs longer in future drawings. Thanks.

very nice :D

Thats some nice shading you've got there. But there are a lot of problems with proportion such as; thickness of the neck, the forearms and wrist are too small with the rest of the body, her legs are too short mostly from the hips to the kneecaps. But I love the overall design.

Tarantulaben responds:

Thanks for the anatomy critique. I'm been working on improving my anatomy a lot lately. I always thought there was something a bit iffy about the legs, but I brushed it off. I'm always improving!

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Jan 4, 2014
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