Bandits to Tor: 027


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I made sure to fix all the typos in this comic.

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Nice to see no typos. You have no idea how annoying they can be in some comics.

Anyway, real good art. Particularly the last panel. I will admit each is a good setting on its own, but the flow just isn't working for me. I mean, each individual panel is good, but they seem unconnected. Like about ten seconds have passed between each panel instead of like, four.
Really though, NICE, seriously NICE on the last panel.

I think that War-machine is about to have a bad day. Is that a plasma or Ion shoulder mounted cannon?

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

I dunno. It just blows stuff up and disintegrates things!

Ok I'll get geeky with you:

The large gun on the top is for destroying ships. So, if the "authorities" were to try to use their spaceships to try and take down the Brakkian bandits, well, they'd just get shot down. The heavy armor far surpasses what local authorities could punch through.

The two smaller guns just beneath that are meant for slightly smaller targets... still pretty destructive, but easier to aim with from the Brakkian's standpoint.

Finally, I imagine the war machine would be equipped with a chaingun that ejects from the "mouth" of the creature that fires physical bullets instead of lasers/plasma shots... ideal for mass murdering lightly-armored individuals (while leaving the environment less damaged). The plasma cannons require time to recharge, so the chaingun can be used inbetween shots. Obviously, ammo is an issue both in weight and capacity, so it only gets used when needed.

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Jul 29, 2013
9:56 PM EDT
3D Art
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