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Although some may find it funny how one can obsess over little things, it is important to know that if someone is deprived enough, even the smallest and most insignificant things can mean everything to someone.

Oh, and tits. Don't forget that.

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Oh my.

Like Reaplay, yeah, I read her voice as if it was a male's. I think you could work on making her look more feminine, and increasing the size of her "good stuff" would have helped emphasize the idea of the joke (it took me a few seconds to realize it, sadly) or used other art techniques that place the emphasis on her chest so that the viewer could immediately associate her dialogue with the emphasized "good stuff".

I'm reading the... thing's voice as a dude's. It adds an extra layer of funny to me. Also, a little too emo for me. In addition, I'm wondering if you know a man by the name Dave Sim...

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Count on Swami for maximum emo! No worries though, Dodger and Ivan will continue to punch it out of him.

and I haven't heard of Dave Sim till you mentioned it.

Yah... as much as ever... sex is an excellent drive.
Could have not made it seem so blunt though with appearence (talk about breasts and skimpy outfits!), but, whatever, it works.

Tanadrine-Studios responds:

Brakkians are the sluts of the series. There's no other way to put it. Though, sex isn't their drive, it's to siphon the life force out of individuals before they realize they are being killed.

No worries, we'll get back to things like violence and Swami's ever so present emo drama here shortly ;)

Tits! 8D

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Jun 4, 2013
2:08 AM EDT
3D Art
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