Final Fantasy 13


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Snow (Blond guy)
Hope (Silver hair dude)

I didnt spend much time on this or I would have made their eyes pretty and made my own texture BTW texture is by shirirul0ve (DA)

SO this was my favorite part of the game.. well one of them, it made me cry a LOT (Snow wasnt smiling btw) I am sorry for this SPOILER but anyway, I totally was shocked when Hope almost killed Snow and then Snow STILL saved the kid... I thought Snow was going to die cause of how beat up he was, that made me cry so much and the music, UHG THIS GAME IS SOOO WONDERFUL!

I wont lie, throughout the game there is a lot of drama and if you are soft you will cry a lot... I totally recommend this game to anyone who loves rpgs, the fighting may be turn based BUT OMG IS IT FUN its so different from other final fantasies...

The characters have so much personality, and they make Snow very charming, he is my favorite so far.

AND PELASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DONT MAKE THESE TWO CHARACTERS HAVE ANY KIND OF SEX TOGETHER, that is just wrong.. Snow is like 23 and Hope is around 14... they act more like brothers... so i hop I dont run into any porn of them together.. I'd cry.

Anyway, Imma make another drawing of them thats way better but I am playing this game right now as we speak, I am on the third CD and it took me 3 days to get to it so thats one CD everyday.. well now Im on my 4th day. XD

YES I KNOW! I cant believe its 3 CDs long and ITS THE FIRST FF game to get on the xbox <3333 WHEW thats all I have to say.

((I didnt make the final fantasy 13 logo but I DID use it so I am sorry if thats not allowed but I cant draw it exactly and since they arent my original characters I might as well advertise who really owns them <3 ))

PS: I realized I screwed up Hope's arm.. but really I didnt notice till I was done.. and again i made it fast s I was like 'Fuck it' I always get really bad scores when I do that but I dont really care I just post my art for people to enjoy.. if you dont like it you dont need to tell me to fuck off D:

PSS: Also can people be nice and NOT spoil anything for me? Since I havent beatin it yet? Im in pulse doing this mission crap for those stone things... so yea not far into the third disk at all.

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watch out for eachother. very nicely made.

Syringes responds:

Aw, thanks :)


There is not a lot of Final fantasy Fan art here so I'm happy to see a good one !
Hope is really cute !

Syringes responds:

Aw thank you! ^^


great story line but the greatest has ff game has to be ff tactics

Syringes responds:

Tactics was cool it was different but I SUCKED at it, they had AMAZING art.

O.O awesomenesssss!

Yea FFXIII is awesome, I love the storyline and I love the characters I haven't finished it tho I'm on chapter 11 xP. The hardest boss for me was Barthandelus( The falcie with the 5 heads xD), He kileld me aboud 2 times and then I decided to use Hope and Sazh xD, and I kicked his ass xD.

Syringes responds:

XD Yes!!! THAT BOSS WAS ISNANE!!! I died so many times and then decided tog o back and fight more monsters to get my levels up xD

I still mentally disown all FF's except FF7

But this is a good wallpaper. Little background?


Syringes responds:

7 was food but 8 and 13 will always be my favorite <33 I grew up with them.

Thank you, yea I intended for background ^_^

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