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The Araneolus is a spirit from Limbo that resides on the living plane. Unlike the other spirits that come from Limbo, however, the Araneolus spins its spiritual web and traps the harsh negative entities, regardless of how strong they are, and devours them like a spider through the lower part of the spider's abdomen, which opens up into a vicious, gaping, drooling maw.


A sense of depth is needed here to guarantee the viewer understands what's the front and back. The back end of the abdomen needs to be of a darker tone compared to the front.
It needs to be done in the same manner as the way you have the legs. They become darker as they recede to the background.

Speaking of legs this fellow unfortunately has lost some. I assume you're trying to build speed due to this oversight. Intended or not this is good practice to see how much you can get away with. Honestly I didn't notice at first because your understanding of balance is uncannily good. I can say the same thing with your colors.

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Syavi responds:

Ah, I didn't actually think to do the background shading with the abdomen itself. It's such a simple concept, it's no wonder I managed to somehow overlook it. I might even be able to fix that up a little without having the rest of it look weird. If not, that's still something I should keep in mind for the future, so thank you! :'D

The leg thing /was/ done on purpose-- unless you're talking about the ones that are supposedly behind him which, yes, I was already taking so long on it that I had hoped it wouldn't have been too much of an issue. But maybe I should at least block in some basic shapes in the future, huh? I'll try that next time. :D

Thank you for the review, it was incredibly helpful! x3

This is pretty cool! my only quibble would be that i wish the background and central figure contrasted each other more.

maybe if you try using a dark, nuetral blue for your shadows instead of black, i think the figure would pop a little more.

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Syavi responds:

Thank you very much! I actually used a purple tone, but I guess I de-saturated it a little too much. Definitely something to keep an eye out for the future, thanks! x3

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Jan 14, 2014
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