Horned Anvil


Dvd cover for my recently finished animation short film. Done with Maya and rendered in multiple passes, then photoshopped. Some textures are too low in resolution, I am aware of it.. : )

would appreciate comments! thanks

Here is the link to the short : http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=Tty7GgyEZJU
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Am I the only one who's feeling Elder Scroll vibes when watching this?

DarkSword responds:

I dunno, all I can tell you is that it has nothing to do with it.. it's normal to link visual style with what we are familiar with, but probably if you look more carefully at the two, you'll see I didn't use elder scroll as influence. My references were pictures of real forges and anvils, one painting and more photos.. : )



Your Anvil is cool, but the lack of detail to the background kind of draws the eye away, drowning out the good stuff. Negative space is just as important as the main feature. If its all good, all of it will be viewed as good, if there are flaws, those are the only things people will pick out immediately. Advise I should follow too, heh.

DarkSword responds:

Well.. unfortunately I didn`t set my 3D scene for the sole purpose of this image, so yeah, it could be improved alot in term of composition (it would be much nicer with a lantern or something). But hey, because it's 3D, it's much easier to redo so I might, one day. : ) I know most of my stuff isn't all good, guess it takes more experience.. ^_^ at least the anvil is cool! thanks!


the link does not work. can you post one to your chanel?

DarkSword responds:

you need to remove the spaces Newgrounds adds to any link ppl post.. in this case, after the wa of watch! : ) I can't fix this, it's just build in newgrounds system.. sorry

Awesome textures!

I see at least 9 high-quality textures that are solely responsible for the realism of this image. The geometries are actually really simple, letting the textures do all the work. Even the rusted-iron texture, which is full of mostly small-scale flecks and facets, tricks the eye into thinking the anvil's geometry is more distorted than its polygons are. The sword in front blends a little too much, but as the anvil is the centerpiece, it stands as a nice accompaniment. The canvas bag and the barrel, too, are very nice touches, also with outstanding textures. Even the stone floor, which I'd bet $20 is just a flat plane, has a wonderful texture with its own shadowing. Actually, now that I stare at it for minutes at a time, I see that the shadows on the floor stones don't match exactly the shadows on the anvil, but this is a small thing.
Excellent work, and you should let us know what the DVD and short film are, so we can look it up.

DarkSword responds:

I see you have excellent observation sense, mister!

True that the geometry was kept at a minimum (without affecting contour, where possible) and most of the work was in texture. This is because I want to go work in the game industry, so I tried my best to reflect that, even if it's in a short film, rendered offline.

Almost all textures have 3 maps, diffuse, specular and normal map. For the floor and walls tho, there is a displacement map, witch actually makes the geometry much denser. It would take a camera movement to see it better tho, in the short film, you can easily see it! The shadows don't match, it's true, cause the anvil ones were photoshopped.. : ) didn`t think such accurate eye would scrutinize my work.. = p

thanks for the awsome review.. ! I'll add the link to the short film

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May 23, 2011
10:49 PM EDT
3D Art
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