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Paarthurnax Bust


Paarthurnax. Because Skyrim.

This took way too long to do...

EDIT: I made him the wrong color because I'm retarded.

EDIT EDIT: Fixed the color.

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SuperBastard responds:

Fun fact, Paarthurnax was voiced by the same guy who does Mario.


I finally got my first glimpse at Skyrim just yesterday, and although I didn't get to see any dragons or anything... but this definitely seems to fit!

The first thought that came to my head when I saw this though, was those goofy-cartoony drawings that you can get done at theme parks. On one hand I really love the dragons features, color tone, and finish; on the other... I feel like the lines here are a bit odd, and add the goofy look to your dragon...
Definitely not a bad thing at all though!

This thing is a seriously quality drawing!
Great Work!


-Review Request Club-

Haven't really played Skyrim...

But this is pretty good.

There are good things about this and there are ferw. not so good things.

I like how you put alot of detail into the face. The scales that are textured enough to not look flat, The cracks on it's lower jaw, The spikes that border his face,and some other things.

Another detail that is really interesting and in my opinion adds a littlestory to this image ishow the spike on the left side of its chin is broken. It jusr helps by showing that this dragon has been through stuff.

I do have two complaints. First, the white background. it's just really plain and just makes your image seem less interesting.

The second complaint I have is The fact that there is no neck. I know you called it a bust, but the lack of a neck just makes this look weird. Kind of reminds me of a dissembodied ant head. I think it would've helped if you at least put a stump of a neck coming out of his head to make it look more like a bust.

Overall, it's a good picture, but it just feels incomplete.

<Review Request Club>

Dragon head?

Well that is a nicely detailed dragon head and seeing in the "More by this Artist" box you have other dragon artwork so this one is just as nice as all the others. I guess if I could really suggest anything is that a neck is added so it doesn't feel like a floating head. Very interesting dragon head design.

Coloring seems just right and light green down the middle with brown on the sides and most of its head makes me think that it could possibly be a forest guardian of some kind and it is now having to chase after someone that decided to harm its friends in the forest.

The horn designs are very nice here. Then he has more horns protruding under his mouth too. The teeth look rather sharp and as if you would not want to get bitten by it either.The inside of his mouth looks a tiny bit like a mix of black and purple which is a nice combination. The eye coloring and snake design for the eyes seem rather fitting and I like that too.

Overall, nice artwork of the dragon head, nicely done!

Review Request Club

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks for the review! I do sort of draw a lot of dragons I suppose; I'm not really a good enough artist to draw anything else.

Very impressive

There's a lot of detail in this piece of art which makes it pretty good. I especially like the scale on his nose.

If you look at it from a close-up (by clicking the picture) you can see the spikes to the side of his mouth being a bit hazy at the ends. If you would've made them sharper it would seem more like a dragon IMO.

The scales on his head make him realistic. With them slowly becoming a horn the more you go to the back of his head is a good way to make a horn of a dragon.

It's just a head though. I feel like a whole dragon would be more scary/impressive. With the white background and him (or her) lacking a body it feels like more of a sketch then a piece of art.

Review request club

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks for the review! I see what you mean about the spikes on the side of the mouth getting hazy. I probably should have put the extra time into polishing those off better.

I probably should have drawn the whole thing, and not just the head, but I guess I burned myself out trying this new painting style. Maybe I should have just made this a .png with a transparent background! :P

Credits & Info

4.29 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2011
4:33 AM EST
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792 x 612 px
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