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Yang RWBY pinup


Yang from RWBY happy showing her butthole and vagina on a pinup.

This pinup has been made thanks to my patron’s support. Thank you so much for your support!! Remember, you can support me, suggest characters and download exclusive content like futa, dirty and minicomic.

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She's a bombshell blonde...

RWBY is one of my favorite webseries; though in all honesty I prefer the first two volumes over the following ones, RWBY is still a charming series, with tons of loveable characters, kickass music and awesome fight scenes.

Ruby Rose herself is my favorite character, her sister, Yang Xiao Long is definetly one of the most likeable characters: her fiery personality, friendly attitude and (don't judge me!) puns make her very endearing; and lest not mention her character design, which is highly detailed and attractive. So, as a RWBY fan and Yang fan, I'm pretty happy with this entry.

My favorite aspect of this illustration is Yang's facial expression: she looks beautiful. I really like her teasing smile; while her purple eyes are majestic. She's sure enjoying herself! I also like the light blush you gave to her face; it's as if she's not really embarrased to be showing her assets to the viewer.

Yang's hair is also worthy of praise; I like how every hairline varies of it's shade and tone; as well as how it seems as if it's reacting to the wind.

The color palette is exquisite; I love how you chose bright and warm colors for this piece of art; they go great with Yang and her personality. I love the blue sky, as it manages to convey a wholesome feel to the picture. I also like the white clouds; they look as if they were painted.
Yang's skin and the shadow around her is also delightful. I like how the lightning from the sun helps showcase her body, and how it manages to entangle itself with Yang's hair. It's a very nice and wonderful effect.

Last but not least, the attention to detail: Yang's cibernetic hand looks gorgeous, with all of it's patterns being marvelously crafted. Her thighs, fingers, hips and uhm... butthole and vagina are highly detailed. You can even see the wrinkles on the skin. Oh, and again with the hair: the lines and textures are beyond impressive.

All in all, this is one wonderful and loving tribute to Yang. I'd even say that you made justice to this beloved character. Congratulations SunsetNivaris; this is one amazing Yang/RWBY illustration!

SunsetNivaris responds:

Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback! You really made me super happy with all your attention to the composition, colors, and details of the drawing, I worked hours on making sure all those things looked good.

I chose to be an artist because I wanted to make people happy and make them feels lots of emotions with my drawings, with your feedback l feel I was successful.

So beautiful

SunsetNivaris responds:

thank you so much!

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Dec 16, 2019
4:54 PM EST
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