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the girls of episode 3, Demon Depravity on Parade... all naked,
not because it's sexy, but because it would take way the hell
too much time to dress each & every last one of 'em ;]

who's your favorite?



"...i think the one on the far right is the prettiest."

"she seems to be the most popular..."

She's the one who looks least like a child, and she's the only one with a tan. The rest have ...odd skin color, from pasty white/grey to overly-yellow for the one in the middle. The one on the right has the best skin tone. She also has greater color variance in her hair.

Also, they're floating. There should be very little to no shadow on the light-source side of the foot, seeing as it's on the ground. The more shadow in front of it, the more it makes them appear as tho they're floating. :)

stone-sorceress responds:

thanx for the pointers Exedor... someone else also caught the floating thing... and the next set of shots with these girls have been planted solid on the floor ;]


this just looks amazing as expected of one of my favorite animators :D.. I can't wait for the awesome things that your going to release in the future :3

stone-sorceress responds:

thank you for your support mate!
should be smooth sailing once we've gathered our bearings...

wow so many decisions i would take all of them buy unfortunetly i need to choose 1 so ill go for green haird one x3 btw good job guys really nice

stone-sorceress responds:

thanx, glad you like it

Very pretty! i think the one on the far right is the prettiest.

stone-sorceress responds:

she seems to be the most popular...

The pros: I can see some definite personality here, although I'm confused about Bluebell and Zara, because I'd thought them a little more retiring. Amused by the painted finger- and toenails. Love the variation in facial features, esp. the eyes, and decent range of skin tones. The hair is well done, if occasionally flat in texture, such as in Bluebell (it's hard working with blues on the scalp).

A couple of minor problems in character design stand out when the girls are lined up like this.

Firstly, while the carpet does indeed generally match the drapes, it's not a hard and fast rule. Pubic hair tends to be thicker. Although it is a different type of hair than that which grows on the head, it can also be straight, or only curl at the ends- in other words, not all your ladies need to have curly bushes exactly the same as their updo. That being said, Plenty's pubic hair color makes no sense: it is too bright and not even in the same range, nor is it flattering to her skin tone.

A more minor issue is that all your ladies are cut from the same cloth- in fact, they may even be stamped out from the same mold. Their breasts are all the same shape, in the same place, with exactly the same nipples. Please do put the little indentation in the center of the nipples, it's practically a dot and it makes such a difference in terms of realism.
These ladies are all the same overall shape throughout their entire body in fact. I kind of expect with a little expanding or compressing, I could have exactly the same line-up. None of them even have hips to be mentioned, or varying body shapes. Everyone appears to be victims of thigh gap syndrome, which is a real shame. Let's get some diversity in here! How about some backside to admire? Maybe even a little jiggle to them. There's nothing more sexy than a girl with something to display, after all. I know you're already on your way to done with this episode, but in the future, well, please think about some CURVES.

Possibly the weirdest thing is that everyone is up on the balls of their feet, as if they are wearing heels. Let them heels touch earth! By the way, a woman's calves curve delicately (and may I say sensually) when her feet are flat, which can be quite appealing.

Oh, and Zara seems to have been clipped less perfectly, with an artifact on the back of her neck where the layer was not cut close enough. Shucks.

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stone-sorceress responds:

thanx for the valuable feedback chishionotenshi... much appreciated!
some of the things you mentioned can still be corrected.

if you ain't a member of our Patreon, just remind me next month, and i'll gladly send you a copy of this episode when done :]


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