Psycho Masquerade


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Ink, 60 lb paper, pencil
( I hope this doesn't look too Animeme :O )

Yet another little bit of fan art featuring Yu-Gi-Oh's under appreciated and terribly animated Magician of Black Chaos. I loved designing this outfit and will likely use it for one of my own characters who takes on the jesterly persona.

Well, I'm going to admit to being captured into the fad of fan fiction, but it was completely by accident, no joke, though it was a joke. It started as a small thing on Wajas for a Halloween thing, but one user in particular was actually into the joke and it quickly turned into a full blown story. Thus, Nero, the Magician of Chaos with a tragic past, was born.

The reason I drew him in this outfit was a result of early planning for upcoming scene in the story that deals with a Masquerade Ball. It is quite fun giving life and story to a character with no story at all. Don't read this wrong, I am well aware that this is not my character and I don't want to take credit for him at all, but I have always been curious about the back stories of all the Duel Monsters in YGO, so, this is just one of those ways to satisfy those curiosities myself. NO, I DON'T MAKE GAY ANIMEMEME YAOI SHIT. I know how to write REAL stories with plot and content thank you very much.
( Now that I've embarrassed myself by admitting defeat to fan fiction, moving on. )
Anyway, So yeah.

Magician of Black Chaos (c) Kazuki Takahashi.



yu-gi-oh dark magician. love it.


This is awesome!

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StarwolfTsuname responds:

Thank you :D

that would be a badass halloween costume...

very impressive stuff. the amount of detail and the costume design is really good. ahh i need to get off my ass and do some art, so lazy! please do more character designs, the last one you did of that crowman was ridiculously good. this would be even more badass if it were in color but black and white is also good (i hardly do stuff in color myself).

when i see art like this it makes me want to grab my drawing pad and blow off the dust...then i decide to go out for a cigarette instead (my will power is almost nonexistant)

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StarwolfTsuname responds:

Thank you very much! Though, this guy isn't my character to begin with, but I did design the outfit, that's all I can take credit for.

I know how you feel though, i've been struggling with Insomnia and my productivity has gone rock bottom for a long time. I can never motivate myself to where I actually finish something until maybe, a year later. :O

You will get the creative bug one day though, and you will not be able to ignore it. But will power is a good practice too.

Flippen Amazing!

Definitely want to see more.

StarwolfTsuname responds:

Thank you :D I hope to submit more soon.

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4.32 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2011
10:48 PM EST
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