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Mixed media using tons of mod podge to glue drawings done with sharpie, pencil, and computer to canvas board. Then I scribbled acrylic paint and other stuff all around.

I may redo something like this completely digitally with the same style one day....One day....

pretty old project anyways but i like it and figured i'd upload it

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Well ok "WOW" this is great, I dont understand the rating system on this one, why it is rated so low as this one here is super "CREATIVE" and good. I think this one here has all the elements of a mind that has great ideas and should not be held back by them. Each section of this piece has something going on, something new, something to draw your eyes to it. The level of detail here is also amazing and has good "CHARACTERS" inside each section. The look is somewhat of that of a comic and something otherworldly, but fascinating. The apocolypse feeling you've created and shown here is great. You have this really interesting red/black background starting at the very back and that builds into things going forward from it. The reds and blacks in textures and shades really worked here and was one of my favorite aspects of this piece. The overall flow here also looked good from going to scene to scene with different characters. The fire and effects you've drawn inside most of your
elements was also nice and a good representation of what you were going for in that apocolypse theme.

I think however the things that needed to be "FIXED" or improved on were the lack of "COLORING" in some areas of this picture. Some buildings are not colorized and seem to be just white or the color of the paper you used. It feels unfinished when you do not complete a full set of builldings with colorization and then have some other buildings have that coloring. I would go back and add up some color here to just make it more consistent with more of a flow, because leaving it to not match the rest of the work really makes this feel unfinished. I do like it overal tho, so it was a great addtion to the portal and I look forward to more of these from you.

Keep all the buildings looking the same in terms of colorization and filled in textures. You want things to not appear unfinished.



This is one of the best art pieces I have ever seen! There is just an amazingly fantastic amount of detail put into each and everything! I have no idea what is going on or why anything is happening but I do know that this art is fantastic! It looks like there are various villians who represent the elements, perhaps. I see fire, ice, electricity, and water. The only one I really don't get is that weird alien spaceship that seems to be firing a green laser at something.

Oh, and there's also a green dinosaur with a blue tongue. There's also this weird part where it looks like it doesn't even fit in the drawing. It's more of a rough sketch of some machine monster sucking the life out of a building. This is one of the biggest art pieces I've ever seen and also one of the coolest! You sir, have true talent.

Love it!

I love the insanity you drew! You can feel the energy come out! =D


like a cartoon

very nice

i really like this style and i love looking over the tiny details...

good work

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3.74 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2009
2:52 PM EDT
Fine Art
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684 x 912 px
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