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Mr. Buisness man


Something I made. I tried using this style that Jim Bonacci uses (The creator of Happy Wheels and Divine Intervention, other name totaljerkface). It's some kind of a guy walking with a bag of something. I wanted to add a background but then I realized how much I fail at making them. Feel free to review! I will read it.

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I found this to be very artistic and a style of it's own. The black background almost fits but then I want to see his world he's walking away or too from. The character itself is really good with a meshed color that made for some nice texture but anyways very nice work I loved it and it's from simple to depth so nice job

Some background scene


StalkerGuy responds:

Thank you for the review! This drawing is pretty old and I realize could have done a lot of things better.

oh boy

Hello there. I am Jim Bonacci, so here's a relevant review.

I would guess you are going for the style I'm using in Happy Wheels. If that's the case, then what I write following will be a critique on how your drawing matches up with my idea of that style. I think you are off to a good start.

In general I try to keep things simplistic to keep the game rendering quickly. I usually have around 3 shades max for a particular color, which you've picked up on. I like the clothing colors. The skin colors could be a little more contrasty and less pale. A little more shading around the eye will make it look more like a full eye and less like a pupil.

You've picked up on the feathering type of drawing on the clothing and overall it's pretty decent. I would say to use less detail, but to carefully choose where your shadows fall. Your lighting seems to be coming from the front of the character, as the darkest colors are on his back. In order to show a more ambient light source, I tend to draw as if the light is coming from all sides of the character. This way, the darkest areas are the innermost parts, and rotating the character during gameplay won't make it look as if the light source is changing dramatically.

Proportionally, the character could use some help. The torso is a bit too long, and the legs should be longer. Currently they are around the same length as the arms. Judging proportion by eye will get better with practice. Make sure you are happy with the proportions and spacing before completely rendering the character.

I like the stance and implied motion of the character.

What are you drawing these with? I use a wacom and draw in flash.

OK THAT'S ALL I GOT... good job.

[not a member of the review request club]

StalkerGuy responds:

Thanks! Sorry if I was sending you emails, I didn't know that you had reviewed my art.

The painting got a little bit out of hand, I was going to try to make a fanmade Happy Wheels character but the drawing then started to look like it was a guy walking sideways somewhere, so I decided to continue with that. I agree with you that the legs are a bit short and that the colors of the skin aren't good. I will continue practicing your art style.

And yes, I use a wacom bamboo and this was currently made in photoshop with only the brush tool. I do not recommend drawing the things in flash, I'd rather import bitmaps because they run 100x faster than vectors. Thank you for the review!

Getting great!

hey StalkerGuy,

The impression that I get is that you know how to make cutesy people. The roundness of the limbs (probably due to the shading, as Coop suggested) and the tiny beady eyes make for lovable viewing. If this were in a flash, I would luv this character. The only thing is - it's stark simple. As you said, no background - it makes it stale, almost dull.

Your style is evident. Even if you say you're copying someone else I'll still say it's you. I'd say progress from this piece of artwork, not the Madness-inspired one. Because this is beautiful and individual, and you can make it your own. It doesn't have to be the property of some total jerk face.

Very substantial and nice. I like the way he's walking, because it's not just a 2d motion. You know this man is going somewhere. He also has a 'silly' notion about him, suggested by the title: "Mr. Buisness man". Your intentional misspelling of the word "business" and the idea of putting "Mr." in front of it makes it even more ridiculous. Which makes me smile inside.

The tipped pointy nose is a beautiful touch. I like how his hand sort of reaches back in the motion, but it would be nice for him to have a bigger suitcase. Again, your shading is beautiful, and there's small touches of that even in the hair. I like the stark simpleness of it all, even though it might tend to the simplistic. Just add a little, but not too much, and it'll be even better.

I generally just have a favourable tilt towards this piece. This is the kind of art I like - very stylistic and simple. But not simple to the point of being simplistic. I love this a little bit. Thanks for letting me see.

--Impression-- = 13/20
--Style-- = 14/20
--Substance-- = 14/20
--Beauty-- = 15/20
--Tilt-- = 15/20
VERDICT: Getting great! [B+]



StalkerGuy responds:

Thanks man!

Nice use of shading

I think that we can definitely see some potential here, with the way that the guy seems to have been shaded very well, but there were one or two areas that I wished to focus on:

1) The briefcase - is it too much here to get one that is a uniform shape? I think that with making it a proper square shape, you would be able to make more use of your curved and informal lines on the suit aspect of the character.

2) Socks / shirt - is it too much for this executive to afford proper socks, or even a shirt with a collar? These are two areas that stuck out to me as a man who works in a suit. I take pride in my appearance and as such, small details such as this should be noted.

It's almost as if the focus is concentrated on the bottom half of the image, with crisp lines seeming to be the order of the day, whereas in the upper part, it seems almost to have gone "soft focus" on the piece.

[Review Request Club]

StalkerGuy responds:

Alright, thanks! :)

Not bad

Even though it's devoid of a background, the character was made quite well actually. The shading looks decent and adds nice depth to the business man. He doesn't really strike me as a business man though. For some reason it looks like he just woke up and he's in his pajamas or something.

The briefcase also doesn't look very proportionate in my opinion, or that's like the smallest briefcase ever. The facial expression is a bit odd, and could probably use some improvement, but overall it's an okay picture. It certainly looks like he's in motion which is neat.

Overall, it has a few flaws, but also some good parts. It's a decent image, but could use a bit of polishing. Keep up the good work.


StalkerGuy responds:

Alright, thanks!

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2011
5:38 PM EST
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701 x 630 px
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