Gone with the Wind


A tornado is crashing a farm, with winds from 350 km/h with dangerous thunders striking and the tractor was a really good one.

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Far too dark

With such a full moon and lightning strikes, even a night would be pretty bright.

Unless it's an evil tornado of doom that sucks light, or a black hole hidden inside a tornado, I can't seem to figure out why it's so dark. Sure, it's late at night, and sure, it might be a winter month where it's extra dark at night, but you put in a full moon and a lightning strike, which should make it a very bright night.

Then again, the darkness makes the piece all the more eerie. And scary. The farm house seems to be well done. It looks somewhat glossy, for some reason, like it's shining. I can get that from rain, with the moon shining on it, but again with the darkness. Either way, I also like how you've shown the destruction of the farm house. It's not completely gone, but it soon enough will be.

The addition of the tractor on the right makes it even better, showing that it's a powerful tornado.

The ground looks a bit boring as well, somewhat unnatural.

If you were to tell me that the tornado also was... a black hole, I'd totally buy that.

Review Request Club

MCarsten responds:

Well my only intention for the true darkness was for something really doomed, was not to be a realistic perfection of the nature. Also just a curiosity, tornadoes doesn't exist on winter, they are just only on fall and spring, just sometimes they show more early hehe. Thanks for the review!


Gone with the light?

Things that I thought could have been better:

Why is your picture so dark man? You are getting light on the front end of the barn, but the rest of the picture is so dark and doesn't really make sense. With the moon shining through like that and with lightning hitting at the same exact moment the screen should be lit up very bright with a lot of shadows being casted. Instead, there is just one big dark screen that really ruins the submission in my opinion because it covers up the details that were much needed.

Another problem that I have is the fact that the lightning isn't touching the ground. A common argument might be that the lightning hasn't touched the ground yet, but it's common knowledge that lighting starts from the sky and the ground at the same time and meets in the middle. This means that you need lightning to touch the ground to make the picture be accurate and to look good.

The lightning itself should have had more details. I don't think of lightning as a beam of perfect light, but instead something that has it's flaws and is destructive. More twists and turns, cracks and breaks, etc... The lightning looks more like god beaming light down to save people more than it does lightning.

Things that I liked:

I feel that if this wasn't so dark that it would honestly have the quality to be something that I would add to my favorites. The detail that you put into the barn and the tractor look really good and they are very professional. In fact, if I knew that you could do art like this then I would call you dumb for looking for an artist for your games all the time. The art is good enough to create award winning flash movies and games. You can draw this on the computer so draw with this program and put it into flash!

I liked the tornado, the sky, and the dirt that was kicked up. I think you could go even further with the dirt (but yet again this involves making the picture lighter as a whole) by making the dirt it kicked up less solid and turning it into more of a dust with smaller pieces of earth in it. A brown color or something would have been better for the earth instead of the black that you used.


I would like to see you change the time of day in this piece of art from night to earlier in the day so we can see the details. Even at this time of night you would get much more light that you can actually see from the moon and the lightning. You had a lot of detail in the tractor and barn, so why don't you add the same amount of detail to the lightning and everything else in the picture?

While it does have it's flaws, this is by far the best piece of work that I have seen from you and with more practice I think you could create things that I would consider to be my favorites. Keep on working and start implementing great artwork like this into your flash submissions!

~ Review Request Club ~

MCarsten responds:

Thanks for the nice review! Well, almost everyone else told about the darkness, but for be more true with all physics on it, put the light maybe on the sides of the barn and from the tornado, would be really more realistic, but I did the darkness for show that is a catastrophic natural disaster, with all the dust, wrecks, pieces of wood, land, tractor and bolts in the middle of the scene.

Also, thanks for like my tractor and the bolt design, I also liked them, but my favorite from all of this, I think is really the tornado with that pices on rotation according his axis. And about like that this was my best art, I really need to give you a big thanks here too.

Thanks again!

Very good

Hi there,

This is a very creative and original piece. I like how you thought up the scene: lightning, tractors flying, barns getting broken up piecemeal, it's all brilliant. The style is very unique, I like the bright lightning contrasting with the dark, but perhaps it is too dark to see what is going on.

However, you fail to communicate to me your soul through this piece. I can't see whether this is going on in your mind, or whether it's actually happening. Is this a reflection of the storms of life that you are trying hard to endure, but the tractors of your mind are flying in all directions, and the storehouses are getting raided by other peoples' piercing lightnings? That all I can't really inspect, but if there was some introspecting factor within this piece, it would be all the more enlightening.

But it is a very entertaining piece. I do enjoy the wrath of carnage that Mother Nature is inflicting upon the man-made mucky-muck of society. It seems to be in a rural area, which is interesting. I enjoy the ambience being emitted by the moon, just a faint glow, almost through frosted glass, even. It's brilliant how you see the twister, almost faded in the distance. However, I struggle to see whether it is close or far, just in my opinion.

Very professional. I enjoy this work of fine art, and I look at your other submissions and they don't seem as professional as this one. I realise that Gone With The Wind is the name of an old film, but it doesn't matter. But then I see that you said the tractor was a really good one, and I'm wondering... did this actually happen to you? I can't give you the benefit of the doubt, but one can't help but wonder. I give you +1 Soul Point for that addition. Captions are useful things.

But, in my own tilt, I think that it's way too dark. Way too dark. You can't even see anything. It does give the idea of a dark night, but I mean, come on this is a bit ridiculous. I'd like to seeee what you've done. Because it's very good stuff. It's just way too dark, in my tilt. Thank you though, for letting me see.

- Creativity/Originality 9/10
- Soul 8/10
- Entertainment 7/10
- Professionalism 8/10
- Reviewer's Tilt 5/10




MCarsten responds:

Hey man, thanks for your awesome review, I enjoyed your fact from be nice with the author reviewing and your way to understand the mind of the artist. Thanks for find my art creative and like professional and also for like my style that I did the atmosphere positions. The point from the art be all dark, it's because all the destruction, thunderful storm, wind moving the wrecks and dust. I don't have any accidents or frustration with these kinds of storms (tornadoes) because I never saw one, but I like them, I like to see videos and documentaries about them. And the art occurs on a rural area, by the farmbarns and tractors and also thanks for like my moon design. About the distance from the tornado, he is something in the back from the barn, but as he have some curves, the funnel where is touching the ground is more in the side-front from the barnyard. I never head about a movie what is called "Gone with the Wind", but I already heard about something with this name, but I bet you knows, but I didn't wish to copy anything or such. Hehe, the "tractor was a really good one" was just to be more like a joke, I never had a tractor lol.

Thanks again for your amazing review and for your kind words, I'm also a member from Review Request Club, but from all of them, you have a style, you're really honest and kind with the author, so I really need to thank you by this.



A picture showing some kind of a natural disaster, one would suppose.

I'd like to start with the darkness issue. It's too dark. I know you want to give it a dark atmosphere, but I can hardly see anything save for the lightning and the moon. It needs to be more nitid so that people can see the rest of the picture clearly.

The moon is nice, shining lustrously. A flaw I detected about that however is that the light gets in front of the mountain, or hill, whichever you prefer. The moon is understandably supposed to be behind the hill, so make it so that it shines behind it.

A tornado is seen destroying a farmhouse, the busticated pieces swirling in the wind. I like that, but I think that if you give the tornado a more helical shape, and some other stuff (like pieces of wood) flying around it, it'd me more realistic and thusly, more disastrous.

The farmhouse is not bad, but I think that the colors of the metal boards are a bit sloppy. A linear color starting from white and extending to black is never good, it's something that you would never see in real life. Try keeping the black part more whitish or grayish.

As for the lightning however, personally I didn't like it. It looks like a very long, twisted fork. I suggest you make it upside down instead, with more lightning bolts extending from it. The idea is there, it just needs some modification.

If you look closely, by the way, the grass looks bland and awkward. I suggest you add some texture, like grown grass or flowers.

Onwards to the miscellaneous details, I really like how the tractor looks. The sky color is there, gives the picture a dark atmosphere.

In overall examination, it's a nice picture save for a few easily fixable flaws. Out of a score of 10, I took off:
-1 for the absence of a few vital details, such as grass texture and lightning bolts
-1 for a few sloppy choices of colors
-1 for the logical fallacy of the moon light getting ahead of the hill
-1 for the inappropriate amount of darkness

6/10. This has a lot of potential to be a masterpiece, keep it up.

~Review Request Club

MCarsten responds:

Wow, thanks for the awesome review mrty. And I already fixed the moon glitch and the thunder bolt looking, if you're not seeing this fixed, is because was not yet placed.

1. About the darkness is because possible raining or storm, the tornado, striking from bolts and dust and pieces of destruction from the farmbarn.

2. Moon fixed.

3. About the tornado, I did a more linear color on it, for it looks from more light to dark in horizontal, for me it gives a looking from circular funnel and about the wood pieces, I already did this, these are the flying wrecks.

4. Thanks for the advice, and I don't like linear color too hehe, but I did this, to don't be so black on the image.

5. Fixed.

6. Thanks for the advice.

7. Thanks for like the tractor, and I was trying to do it looks more attached to the atmosphere so I think I did good on this! =)

8. I'll be fixing, but in my opnion, continue with the darkness it will really show that this is a catastrophic natural disaster.

9. Thanks for the amazing review!


Really good

Ok... i know you dont like when i critic so... i will put good things in one place and then the bad... if you want just look good ones :P

The lighting effects are really good, that is what fisrt called my attention, and the tornado, the tornado its really awesome i like it a lot... Really good

Too dark, difficult to see things :p and the thunder should be going out from the sky but its looks more down

MCarsten responds:

Thanks a lot man! Thanks for like the bolts and the tornado. And about the darkness, is because it's a tornado storm, so the dust and pieces of destruction does it looks like a dark cloud.
Thanks again!!

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Jul 31, 2010
11:00 AM EDT
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