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Be careful with Cleen the Clown.


Mean clown

Too bad the image is so small, so we miss out on some details here, I think.

This clown looks like the only thing he would enjoy is, if all kids suddendly would vanish and he didn't have to bother with those little brats anymore.
If I was a kid and I would look at this clown it would get nightmares.

Maybe you could try to create a more happy looking face paint for this clown while keeping his facial expression intact. That way it would create a great dispute: On the one hand the clown looks like a normal clown with a nice face painting that is meant to make kids laugh, but on the other hand his facial expression would indicate that he's a dangerous person who hates nothing more than being laughed at.

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MCarsten responds:

Yeah, i agree with you, could be better if I put a more bigger size for it.

Yeah, this clown was to be a scary clown for kids, that have a giant hate for all of them, thinking to kill the maximum that he can and for that, I choosed to don't move with his facial expression, I want to show to people that his an evil clown, a dangerouns madman, so I keep his bad face.

Thanks for the nice review!! Thanks ;D

Why so menacing?

What is the story with Clowns that look like they are ready to rip someone's face off as soon as look at them? This one seems like he's thinking "If that custard pie comes anywhere near my face or trousers, I'm gonna cut you."

Perhaps the face paint could be changed slightly - the moon shape doesn't look very symmetrical and with the way that the rest of the face does, it feels like it should be.

Give the guy some ears and a little hair, like sideburns or something similar. As regards the hat, you need to make it look more 3D, as opposed to a triangle that sits atop his head.

Finally, the postcard size of the piece makes it a little difficult to get around, so I'd suggest that you make it slightly bigger for us all to enjoy.

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MCarsten responds:

LOL, i laughed a lot with your possible phrase from Cleen about the pie! hehehehe. The story is from a clown that give children in the circus, pops with cyanide and then rob them out, was a story originally made by me and a friend, we're was creating a scary-horror tale.

I believe that if the conde in his head be more 3D, can add a more good looking into it. The ears from him was to be that more "fat" line in his side, and i agree with you, doesn't seem like a ear. Yeah, the image can be bigger, by this way can show much more things from the mysterious Cleen.

Thanks for the nice review! Thanks!!!



-Clowns are pretty cool in my opinion. Well the ones who don't have a side job as a creepy stalker or pedophile. They are just guys trying to get by in this world by submitting themselves to do hilarious antics and make cool little balloon animals for us.

-Using red, white, and blue for the color scheme is quite common as far as clown make-up and apparel goes. It looks a little odd having the paint around his mouth being blue though. I'm fine with the overalls being blue and all but the face just seems too colorful for a scary kind of clown. The hat seems very flat and needs better shading to give it a better cone shapeHis scruffy looking apparel must be pretty old and a sign of much wear and tear over the years. A bigger body sized picture would be better at elaborating this though.

-The eyes are very oddly shaped and are very different in size. It also doesn't help that the black coming down from the eyes isn't defined enough. It just looks like unsightly blobs coming down from his eyes the way they are. For some reason he is also missing his ears. Unless he had a horrible accident I don't see any reason to leave them out of the character design. He's getting up in his years(many wrinkles) and the spite he has towards children must have risen to very high levels making his facial expression have much more meaning. It's one of the best things going for Cleen the Clown.

-As mentioned before the picture just seems very small and doesn't allow for much detail in the character. It also doesn't allow for any sort of scenery in the background for Cleen the Clown. Maybe he's just inside of a circus tent of some sort. It's blurry at that too. I would of liked this to of had some cool props for him to play around with or someone that he is scowling at. As it is now it just looks very plain.

-Thus i'm left with a longing to figure out all of the stuff that you left out of this picture. As is it's just the beginning and a teaser of sorts. You really need to elaborate on the character for it to be better though.

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MCarsten responds:

Yeah I know that some clowns are funny and just want to do tricks or plays just for the inside laughing from the public. Cleen the Clown was originally a story that me and a friend created from a sinister clown, with an extraordinary hate from kids, and yeah he's pretty old, if you're intersted in what was his games of death with children is, he give the children a pop with cyanide and then rob them, is really horrible, but was to be a scary story. I agreed with you, that the background need more details, in my opnion when i was drawing, was to be like a "hell" or something from evil. His ear, was to be that more great line in his side, but it's true, doesn't seems like a ear.

Thanks for the awesome review! I'll try to improve on. Thanks!

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Title ~

Hmm, Cleen the Clown? It's a very odd name. Is this a word that you had made up, a word that is more native to your country and/or language, or just a word that you spelled wrong and meant to put Clean? I don't think Clean the clown would be a good name, but Cleen... hmmm, very interesting indeed. It just helps give that weird feeling that clowns tend to give to people, which I personally enjoy exploiting as much as possible when I discover someone is scared of clowns. Oh well, I've talked about the title of the piece for long enough, but I must say it was a very interesting name indeed.

~ Background ~

The background was very plain on first sight. It's kind of boring and doesn't really do much for the picture. At second sight though you can see this sort of illusion. The dark color on top and the lighter red throughout the rest of the background give it the imaginary line that makes it look like a box. This illusion can than start playing tricks on one eyes as they are trying to figure out whether the dark section of this is the top of the box and the point where the colors clash is the corner close by or if the dark color is the inside of the top and the clown is in this box. A good illusion indeed and it really goes along with the clown theme very well. :)

~ Focus ~

A perfect clown would be symmetrical in a way, but at the same time not symmetrical. I think that you have that part down quite well. What I didn't like about the clown himself was the shape of his head. Not only was it too odd (even too odd for the picture), but I don't think it really helped with the creepiness that the picture is suppose to give off. A slightly shorter head or at least a much rounder head would have been better in my opinion.

Hat: Now working from the top of the clown and down I would like to comment on a few things. The hat was just too perfect. I imagine a scary clowns hat to be ruffled up a bit, to be dirty, maybe have some stains on it, but not to be perfectly straight and in order. The red dots really add to the theme of red that you used in this work.

Head: The top left hand corner of his head looks very odd. It's sticking out a little and it seems that he has some sort of small tumor. His right eye is also very oddly shaped and should look more like the left eye. Other than that you've kind of got the facial expressions perfect. You worked the area between the eyes very well and the wrinkles around the other areas of his face really look good.

Body: I wish the picture was a bit bigger so you could see some more of the body, but I'll review what you have on the picture so far. The grey lines were too thick in my opinion and I feel they should be a little bit thinner. The black line on the left side that goes through his collar is the only one that you use in his collar. I feel that you should have never put in the one line or used the lines to cover all of his collar to look the same. Again, nice placement of the red dots here.

~ Meaning ~

A scary clown. I guess it's suppose to show how creepy a clown can really be. I see where you are going with this, but it really didn't get the job completely done in my opinion. If there was more going on and especially if it was sinister things than it may have done it for me.

~ Overall ~

The color red was used very well and I enjoyed the white, grey, black, and blues that you used as well. The lines on his face were really good, but some of the lines in his hat and body were way too thick.

The background could be boring at first unless someone really checks out the illusion for what it is and allows it to play tricks on their eyes. I do wish that the picture would have been bigger and there would have been more going on though. That was the biggest downfall of the picture.

Good: Good face expressions and lines in the face. Nice background illusion and colors. Nice name for the clown.

Improve on: Some of the lines were too thick so make them thinner.
The head was very odd shaped. It needs to be more round. Make it bigger and add more content.

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MCarsten responds:

Hehe, hey really thanks by your review! Yes, Cleen the Clown is the name from him, he was a character from a story that me and a friend made and is correct the name "Cleen", that is the clown's name, yeah, and this was to sound odd, because this was to be a sinister or a scaring clown. Just a thing, if you thinked about this, I don't and I never had fear from clowns, this came as I sayed from a story that I created. The thing you described as a possible "tumor" on his head, was to be the clown's ear. Thanks for like the position from the red dots from his clothes. About the background, was to feel like a clown from the hell or something really sinister or to describe Cleen as a madman and I agree with you to say that the background is too poor, but in my opnion, was not to be all detailed. From the thick lines, I prefered like that, because was to put a difference from the clown's white head to his white clothes to don't mix anything. I'm so happy that you liked the expression from the clown, was really to show that he's a madman and a sinister clown. Other thing that will really explain to you why I didn't put scary details on his uniform, was because was from a story that me and a friend created based when I saw a guy that use child costume, because his from a TV show, and talking to my friend, we laughed a lot with this, and we started to creating something over this, and Cleen the Clown was the most brilliant from all our ideas. Thanks for the really nice review! Thank you so much!!


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