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Thanks for the front page Newgrounds!

I made a bee out of playing cards and hot glue. I made this thing because I have a fear of bees. By making a bee I was hoping to maybe gain some control over my fears. I believe it worked to some extent. Next time you are afraid of something try replicating that thing out of playing cards. I'm sure you will feel much better afterwards.


Great job! That said go get bitten by a fire ant. a bee sting hurts much less than that.

this is pretty cool actually, and also, i went without getting stung till i was 18 then i finally got stung (cause my friend and i were throwing rocks at a bee hive (go figure) like dumbasses :P) and i barely even noticed lol i was just like 'o i got stung' and yes wasps are hateful, spiteful assholes, never be friends with them

Bees normally won't harm you. Sure, they can sting, but when they do they die (at least honey bees). So they'll only sting you if they have a good reason to (e.g. if you're attacking their beehive). A bee alone is usually something not to have fear of. They're just lovely furry flying honey-makers.

Not like wasps. Wasps are such b:)ches.

Awesome model! (and I'm glad you weren't afraid of playing cards, that would have sucked)

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spoonfed responds:

Some fears are irrational. I think the major reason why I have a fear of bees is because I've never been stung by one. I don't know how it would feel. I probably would be a lot less afraid if I ever was stung. I would most likely realize that it really isn't that bad. Thanks for the review!

Awesome, love stuff like this. Where's the bee hive? Just kidding...

When I fear or even dislike something to greater extent I try to find out more about it and add a positive dimension to it.

Thanks for sharing.

Bees frighten me. It's time my enemies shared my dread.

Nice work!

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