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Author Comments

Still experimenting in this abstract style. Im going to slowly get more and more detailed on future drawings using this style to see if I can produce a polished up peice. I enjoyed painting this very much. It was different for me going straight in with paint just because Im used to 'colouring-in' a sketch i've done already. Hope you guys like :D


from a point

It looks like he has a brown toothed smile with a glowing green eye looking at what I think is the face.

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What Art?

All I see are a bunch of leaves :P

So amazing, I wrote this.Think of it as a tribute.

Story: Jim's squad was sent to investigate some motion picked up by sensors half a klick away from base camp. When they arrived, Jim raised his fist, and his men stopped a few feet behind him. "This is the place.", he whispered. No sooner than he uttered those words, gunfire erupted from their left flank. "Contact!", shouted Jim, as he slid behind a fallen tree. Two men were already down, and the rest were taking fire. After a few moments in cover, the frightened men peeked up. There were no heat signatures, no sound, movement, nothing. Then, from behind, more gunfire took the lives of half the remaining forces. Jim swore, "Shit! Command! Do you copy?" No reply came, save for the static. His men, meanwhile, were frantically shooting everywhere, since they kept taking fire from all directions. A man yelled, "Sir! Can you get on the horn?"
"No! We're being jammed!" In a matter of seconds afterward, all his men were dead. And still not any visual of any opposing force. He drew his pistol and yelled "You fuckers! They're dead! Take me too!" Pain erupted from his leg, and he fell to the ground. A shadow on the ground slowly approached him from his front.
"FuckerS?" The sinister voice put emphasis on the "S".
Jim realized with horror who this was. "Y... You... The-"
"I'm aware of my nickname. The 'Angel of Death'. Although, it isn't as... professional as my colleagues would prefer. You can call me..."
As the invisible man spoke these words, he slowly became visible from thin air.
"You can call me 'Condor'. And to answer the question that I'm sure is on your mind, no, I won't kill you. I think I'll let you die there, on the ground. Bleeding." Jim raised his pistol, aimed right between the man's eyes, and shot. The sharp crack echoed through the dense forest. Jim laughed a bit, before noticing a flat, round piece of metal stuck to the man's helmet. Condor flicked it off, and said "Nice try."
The man turned and prepared to leap away. Jim coughed up blood and bile onto his chest. In a raspy voice, he yelled, "Condor!"
The man turned his torso to face the dying man. With the last of his energy, Jim pressed a button on his helmet, and said with a chuckle, "Say cheese." Condor pumped his legs, and left a small explosion of dust as he leapt a full 40 yards away, and hit the ground running.
A full day passed with no word from squad six. A scouting party was sent to find out their fate. Many rotting corpses were found, along with the Corporal's helmet. It had one reconaissance image stored in it's mainframe. This is that photo.

I f you don't like the technology/sci-fi style of my story, to F'n bad. It was tailored to my fictional universe.

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JoshSummana responds:

hahaha woah!! A tribute :O thanks very much :) lol. Nice story man :)


WOW this is fantastic, you are a great artist wow is all i can say great painting.
(I I)
c( . . )

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dude it looks like a fan art of CoD4 or 5. firkin awesome. plus, hey halochief, hes lookin backwards.

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4.70 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2009
9:55 PM EDT
File Info
842 x 1334 px
534 KB

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