Flood the Portal 8 - Dinosaurs

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Flood the Portal 8 - Dinosaurs

Author Comments

Did it last minute as always, in the last hour before the flood, but whatevs. RAINBOWSAUR!



Everything I'm going to say, as well as everything that Wayne said, can easily be summarized into "Don't fucking do it in the last 40 minute before the Flood because the result is kind of gay".

But hopefully I can actually go ahead and fit a few things about the picture that aren't obvious in there as well.

It's obvious that the picture was rushed - it shows on many, many levels, and the entire picture suffers as a result of this. this, you know.

What perhaps you didn't know that this make a perfect example of the type of shading that you've chosen to use, and its a good excuse to go out into the world and study a little "Colour Theory" - soemthing that every artist who wants to colour their pictures should look into.

You've started off with a mild colour to begin with, something respectable. But, looking at the shading below the neck, you can see that the shading goes from cool colours to warm back to cool - a mix which simply, isn't working out. Next time you shade, you'll want to make sure that yours colouring is consistent - that it goes from warm to cool or vise versa, or simply stays in one of the two regions.

The lighter green aura around the eye is also another example of poor Colour Theory - when already starting with a mild colour, it doesn't make sense to go from mild to lighter back to mild again, an it jars with the rest of the colours. When using lighter colours, make sure to use them in places where the light source would realistically hit - in this case, more likely then not, up on the dino's head instead of in and around his eye.

Course, these points are just that - points - that can be bent or broken, so long as they're mean tto be - I've seen some truly stunning psychedelic pictures while looking for art that do just that, However, it doesn't look like you were trying to bend the rules, and if you were, you might to get some practice at it.

There's also that these points don't exactly matter int he face of that the amount of rushed that you did sort of renders these previous points moot, but I'd thought I'd put them there anyway, as food for thought.

Congratulations on contributing with dedication to procrastination, spaghetti, and its a shame this Flood sort of went out with a tinkle. i kind of feel a bit responsible for that.

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Spags responds:

Jesus, that's a big review for such a shitty piece! Thanks linty :)

To start off in my defense, I don't think the main linework is too terrible. That's about all I will defend though.

I agree with all the coloring, some of it was a mistake, and some of it messed up when I converted from cmyk to rgb, losing the effect. I know exactly what you are talking about, and recognize my mistakes. I still am not great at coloring, and I find it very frustrating, but I thank you for your valiant effort to school me in the ways of successful coloring.

Also, I too am saddened by the lack of flood participation this month. Twas a bit disappointing. Anyways, thanks for the review :)

Nice use of color

Ok so im not too sure what {FLOOD THE PORTAL} is but guess its make one theme by a number of users? as a tip to improve on that idea i suhhest you all put it in the comments, might even draw more attention to the other pieces, as for this one, its very colorfull and a good dino in the middle seems rushed and somewhat simple like, its not bad its kinda neat actually, i would love to see abit more {TEXTURE} in the dino but from what it is , its pretty good if you ask me, so to better improve on this maybe some more texture on the dino skin, and an update on the authers comments. anyways good stuff as always.

Since this is like a theme {FLOOD THE PORTAL} Why not have a description in the authers comments about that, kind of gives the viewers who dont know about it an idea and such.


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Spags responds:

Flood the portal is an activity that the art forum does once a month where everyone uses the same thumbnail in their piece so that the portal all has the same thumb if enough people participate.

I realize that this dinosaur is rushed, I had to make him in like 40 minutes, so you're pretty spot on there. I agree that a texture would have been nice, or at least some more detail.

Thanks so much for the constructive feedback!

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Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

May 6, 2011 | 6:00 PM EDT
File Info
545 x 384 px
218.6 kb

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