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This is Layna. She is in the story of "Princess Kikia"
She is one of the main characters and only has one eye. You won't really see her anywhere, but you might see her in the back round of some flashes i will do in the future...
You can't really see it, but she has a neckless on that contains her soul. If the neckless breaks, she dies. She's in a specific group where girls are in the rankings by how well they protect people.
Layna works with her 22 year old partner, Setsuna.
Layna's hair is fun to draw, that's why i love to draw her~



I like how she looks too. Does she really have only one eye?
The story concept for this character is rather interesting. It sounds like something close to what an old friend of mine once came up with when we used to story talk.

I don't really talk to her anymore so I don't really know where that story went, but I would like to hear more about this character sometime.

Sorrygirl99 responds:

ya... well... she does have one eye

but the other one is cursed...
she doesn't want anyone to get hurt by it, so she covers it up with her hair..
but that doesn't help on windy days

It looks clear and well done

Great illustration I can't wait to see her in the background of some of your flashes.Even though I probably won't even look in the background much...

Sorrygirl99 responds:

she'll be in the back ground of the devils maiden

This is one of your better works!

This one is very well drawn. And what is this "Princess Kikia" thing? How many stories are you making!? Why does she only have one eye? Why does she have a necklace with her soul in it? Why must you make me have so many questions?

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Sorrygirl99 responds:

ok, princess Kikia was an old story i did last year. I am only making a few...
she has one eye because she tried to make her friend come back to life, but then lost her eye.... well cursed her eye... so she covers it with her hair....
i dont make you have a lot of questions... you just dont know a lot :P


Once again, amazing work! ~:3

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Sorrygirl99 responds:

it's amazing how amazing it is :D

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