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A different kind of p*rny mermaid


Hey now, didn't we already do a mermaid earlier?

Well, in that upload I mentioned there were other kinds of mermaid. Basically, for this p*rny fantasy setting, I wanted both the more accurately mythical siren-type mermaids, and the disney-fied friendly mermaids.

Now for friendly mermaids things were easy. I already had elves who liked modifying their bodies, including groups who used it to take on animal traits, so I expanded on that and made elf mermaids, also explains their mystical abilities.

The other kind was different though. I didn't just want to make evil versions of the mermaids I already had. I wanted something more to them, and I wanted them to be a lot more 'fishy'.

So that's how we have these. Unlike the other kind of Mermaid, these have no fancy and dramatic origin story. They are simply a product of evolution. They are not any kind of hominid, these are true fish. Now if you know a bit about evolution and taxonomy, you'll know that "fish" isn't a valid clade. Because "fish" encapsulates such a varied group of animals while leaving out others. But I feel it's still a useful word for common usage, because we all still know what I mean by fish.

Being true fish, their top section simply only roughly resembles the later hominids that would eventually evolve on land, but none of their "human" top half is analogous with our top sections, save for probably the eyes, mouth, and nose.

First of all, they fish, so they don't got no lungs, that means no rib cage to encase their lungs. Their "torsos" as a result are extremely slim, basically a long extended tube with gills running along its side. Also, if you may know a little bit about fish anatomy, you'll know it makes no sense for the arms to sprout from in between two sections of gills, because in fish the limbs only begin after the gills. So what are they doing there?

Well, first off, they're not analogous with our front limbs, their first set of fins are. And as you can see traveling further down her body, you'll come across the second set, which would become legs in amphibians. For this one though, they remain fin.

So, six limbs then, where did they come from and why are they there?

That's because true Mermaids are related to an ancient family of prehistoric fish that had more fins than others. This isn't completely crazy, before the standard fish body plan had been solidified, there were a bunch of different body plans vying for supremacy in the ancient seas. Of course in our world the one we're familiar with ended up winning out. Now did this particular family of fish exist in real life? Not exactly, but I had to start somewhere. And early experimental fish evolution seems like a good place to put the origin point of a very diverse family of vertebrates that do not exist in our world. Because these six-limbed fish didn't just give rise to Mermaids.

And why did their extra fins sprout from in between their gills? Was there an advantage?

I dunno.

So if the fins that would become limbs in ordinary fish only start from the "hips" down. Does that mean her organs are also all below that first pair of fins? Yes it does, it's why her hips are so damn thicc.

These mermaids are also entirely hairless, though algae can grow on their skin, and they like to camouflage themselves with pieces of coral, clam shells, and seaweed.

And their breasts? Not breasts, they're not mammals. Instead they are a pair of sensory organs, similar to what's seen in sharks, it allows them to sense electrical fields in the water. And they have two of them because it allows them to better triangulate directions for where the electrical fields are coming from. So a somewhat similar reason for why hammerhead sharks have their wide faces, except here they're two distinct lobes. Their consistency is somewhat spongy and soft, and being sensory organs, they're quite... sensitive to the touch. This means they are just as fun to play with as the real deal, and it feels good for them too to boot! Despite the completely different origin and use. How wonderful that things worked out this way for our p*rny world.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

...After being lead deeper into the building and offered seats, Casandra and the party tell their stories. Casandra for her part, immediately keys in on the more... intimate parts of their stories despite their attempts to downplay them, assuring them.

"There is no need for shame, sating desire is the main goal of our order, all the better if one can make it... more pleasurable on top~"

The prince is at this point hard as a rock, they've been joined by more wizards and witches who are interested in their story, and though the men don't interest him, together with his two beautiful traveling companions he finds himself in a haven of exposed flesh and enticing figures.

"So is that why you are..."

Sophia nods down to Casandra's tremendous bust, and she laughs at her question.

"Oh these?"

Casandra asks, lifting the fabric of her tight dress off the skin and shifting it aside to reveal a large, pinkish areola. And seeing the prince eagerly watch, shifts it further aside so that her entire enormous breast is exposed, repeating the gesture with the other so that she's sitting in front of them topless.

"Not precisely no, they are as they are as a means to an end, we do not partake in the kind of body enhancements your friend has been subjected to... much"

She replies, nodding over to the prince who uncomfortably shuffles in his seat, cock straining harder and harder against his clothes.

"But they certainly do have their perks aside from the intended goal~ But I assure you, if you're curious, the explanation is long and complicated, and has little to do with what you are probably interested in... unless one of you were interested in becoming a mage~"

The party shake their heads, and continue. Telling of their lustful escapades, the village filled with an inordinate amount of beautiful women, and the uncharacteristically attractive Orc tribe. By the end all gathered wizards and witches are staring with interest at the prince, now revealed the great success story of the recently deceased mad wizard pervert. But they are especially excited at the prospect of going through at least part of his research that they brought with them. Several of the more excited mages leave the room to fetch his research.

"I must thank you for delivering his research to us, even if it's merely a part of it. Of course, we would happily repay you by aiding your friends'..."

She gestures over to the still very much aroused prince, her gigantic bare breasts doing nothing to alleviate his plight.

"...condition... However, if we are to help the Orc tribes, we will likely need more than books, scrolls, and artifacts. Our theory is that our prestigious past "colleague" has been recklessly dumping his failed experiments, that together with his ongoing successful attempts, have been contaminating the surrounding lands, the nature of the contamination, how it functions, and the effects it has exactly, will need to be observed up close."

She leans over the table towards the group, her gigantic chest pleasantly wobbling on top of it.

"As stated before, our own attempts at mounting research operations have been halted at every step by our dear king's new religion~"

There is an awkward silence that follows as the three look among themselves at this news, questioning how to deliver this information to the Orcs.


Sophia begins, turning back to Casandra.

"So, if you were to aid us in making those pesky monks and nuns sing a lower tune and allow us to move around, we'd be able to do more and you can see your part of the bargain with the Orcs through, and in return..."

Her eyes drift back to the prince, who at this point is about ready to leap out of his seat and have his way with the beautiful witch...

Hey all,

Hey you know what's fun? Your internet cutting out as you're done drawing something so now you can't upload.

Well it's not fun, but it is why the second upload of yesterday is only coming today. What's that? Second time in a row I've said two uploads in a day but only got one? Let's see if the third time is truly the charm.

Well actually, since I'm uploading rather early... I think I'm still within a 24 hour cycle with the previous upload, so maybe that counts as two uploads in a day? Yes?

Probably not.

SoCarter out.

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Mar 14, 2021
8:17 AM EDT
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