The New Grounds Car


Hey everyone, I have just finished my longest and most tedious project to date!
First, However, Let me quote the FAQs to prevent confusion.
Q: No photographs? What about a photo of a painting I did in real life?
A: A photograph of a sculpture, painting, or some other piece of art you have made are in fact exceptions to this rule. Feel free to submit scans and photographs of your art if it's not already in a digital format.

So about 7 weeks ago, This car was your normal NASCAR Die-cast collectible. I finally got sick of staring at the boring thing on my counter, so I formulated a plan. 6 weeks ago I began, by grinding the Paint off of the metal body, and painting the insides. After I finished the main insides, I went on to the engine, then the wheels, the body, and finally, the hood. Then a Tank Man was stuffed into the drivers seat. If you wish to see every single step go to the thread. (Dont forget to remove the space) http://www.newgrounds. com/bbs/topic/1149887

There are a few things that I'm not 100% happy how it came out. For instance - The NEWGROUNDS text on the back of the car began to smudge when I added clear coat. There was some smudging of Everything, By everyone (slight bit on both sides). Those problems are irreversible, since it is under and happened because of the clear coat. However, things that I can fix, such as my sig on the trunk that cracked when I put the final clear coat onto it, Some of the tank decided to melt away when I applied clear coat also. That can be painted over.
Some things that were already there, were the scratches on the windshield.

Happy I am, though, with the final product.
Oh snap - Front page!

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i like it

wow that is awesome, i like it!

Which model?

So, which model was this? I've just come here from the NG Toyota Camry idea thread that's floating around the BBS, so I thought I'd stop by with a review for you as well.

It's a nice paint job, but I have to say, I'm not a fan of the colour scheme - the orange it a little too dark, if you're going for the "NG Sunburst" theme across the paintwork there.

Some of the other ideas floated around out there were the AgnryFaic headlights, which would have been an awesome compliment for the piece. With the way that the whole piece comes together, you've done a really good job. How did the paint smudge on the Everything, by Everyone? I understand that it's something to do with the lower coats, but were you paint over the top while it was still wet? If so, that's a sad mistake to be making.

From a racing fan's point of view, I'm glad that you've left the space on the roof and door for the number of the vehicle - who would you like to have driving it? Rowdy Busch, for his style of punting people out of the way? Intimidatorm for the same reasons, or perhaps Jimmie Johnson, since he looks a little like Tom with his Grizzly Adams face fuzz at present?

[Review Request Club]

Snowman responds:

Was i linked to in the thread? I havent really kept up on it much, been working....

Tis a 2000 ford taurus. The Everthing by everyone somehow smudged when i put on my clear coat, im guessing sharpie and areosol spray coat dont mix so well. Angry faics on the headlights i did consider, but with my complete skill painting, i would have ruined the whole thing.

Personally, Im a Kenseth fan, before i grinded it down it was originally a Kenseth car. Busch would be fun to have but I would have a problem with the toyota part.

Painting over when wet, what? I made sure to let everything dry, every time i went on to a new part i let it dry for at least a day.


Excellent...but if I can make a suggestion...

I think it would've been awesomer if you put a tank barrel on the top, and Agnry Faic headlights. :D

Snowman responds:

I had a friend say I should have made a tank barrel on the top, but the angry faic headlights were something that eluded me. It would have been a great idea though


Start a big new-grounds-car producing company! :D

You'd be rich :)


Awesome car! i would be more than happy to take it out for a drive. Its incredible how a simple Nascar car can be turned into that.

Snowman responds:

It would be so much cooler if it was driveable, and life sized

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