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something i made for newgrounds. i made it a bit different than the usual NG colors.

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Great Idea

I like your colour scheme.
I like your style with nothing being so sharp.
I just basically like the whole idea of it.

I didn't want to see so professional about it as i no how pencil & pen can be hard work sometimes.

If you would like a suggestion on a Free Digital Drawing Program I'd say Gimp would be the best option as it is free, does everything Photoshop does & I use it.

You have a good knowledge of art whether you no it or not, you've made this thought to yourself it looks correct & great & then submitted it.

& That there is a Art. What I see right now, is Art.

Great job but bare in mind if this was in the Art Portal every ones opinion would not be the same as mine.
However you've done a good job, now all you need to do is get the colours to fit with the rest, e.g your colours should match completely without the light blobs of the same colour etc etc.

You no doubt already no that & as your using cheap colouring pens they do intend to do that a lot.

There are colouring pens out there that prevent this. But they are really expensive. I don't have money for that sort of thing & i'm sure you don't, that's why most of us use digital programs because we get that clean coloured looks & plus when your drawing and go wrong you cant think to yourself i'll just use Ctrl + Z Like i always do ROFL

The beauty of technology.

Once again great job & sorry for the HUGE review, I just hope it helps.

4 / 5
9 / 10
Helpful Advice
sniperleader1337 responds:

wow thanks for the review. GIMP is free? didnt know that. gotta go get it. i dont have much of an artistic talent in drawing people. i suppose this was one i got off lightly on. the only thing i can vaguely draw are graphic designs. thank you for your advice and sorry for the short review. i dont know how to respond. :P

hey dude nice art

hey man! u said if i scouted u u will scout u but u have 1 art and it is scouted (i think)

Pretty neat!

Quite nice actually. I love how the colors match and yet they don't..

If I wanted to correct something in this picture. Then it would be the "NG" letters. The N looks a bit thin, and the G looks like it didn't get "twisted" enough...

You could try drawing it up with a pencil. If I should give you some advice that helped me then be self critical to a point where it isn't too much.. Think about how it looks, if the things will match and if you're unsure, then try to erase and draw it in some other way untill it looks right...

Love the colors. Love the way it's set up, really nice picture to look at! keep at it and you WILL get better :)


sniperleader1337 responds:

thanks alot man. i attempted with the pencil on the lines,everywhere there was a seperation of colors, there was pencil. it did'nt really work out though, i'm just the kind of person who doesnt want the limitations. thanks for the review, i'll use some of yer tips next time.

Pretty good.

I may just be giving the ten away, but then I may not.
This subbmission might be worth it.
Nice job.

sniperleader1337 responds:


i'm not so crazy about it

I think that it is good
and it did look like you tried to do well on it
but for some reason it looks plan
it needs a bit more of something.....
idk what...

sniperleader1337 responds:

thanks for the constructiveness. yeah, i realize it needs something. i would have edited it with the computer, but i dont have any of those programs like photoshop or somethin.

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4.06 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2009
12:23 PM EDT
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1651 x 1268 px
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