Bender In Real Steel Life


Bender Bending Rodríguez, Sr., designated Bending Unit 22.
Or at least my humble interpretation of what he looks like in real life based on the non-existing resources I had to work with. I apologize for the result but in my defence I think this was the first time I had ever held one of those Mig welding thingies. (During the sculpting I also did some steel targets for my local shooting ranges based on my own solutions for new technical solutions. Have not received any feedback on those but that prolly cause those guys couldnt hit shit with a toilet seat.) Bender is made with the welding Mig thingie, an angle-grinder and pops sledge hammer. Material was scrap that was to banged up to have any value at the local scrapyards and so forth. I'm not sure if the result is good enough to qualify as recycling. Head is a fire extinguisher shorted off in half, torso is a "Gasol" and originally a round stubby gas tube that I split many ways and banged the effin crap out to square out the worst dings. Than I filled in some pieces of metals, welded like you wouldnt beleived it and grind for days. Being handicapped (broke me back so its oki to call me spineless, but learned to walk again after half a decade) I often can not stand up due to pain (I know whining bitch I am) so I literally layed on the floor of the garage I borrowed and sledgehammer banged, welded and worst of all grinded flat on me fat belly... Try filling your panties with red hot iron debree flying out of the angle grinder disc - whatever called in english, then smell something burning and realizing its your frikkin sweatpants!!! Either catching fire or melting I went through 9 pairs of sweatpants from my local clothing sellout store. (Again lack english terminologies *sry*) I seriously dont know what is worse, the smell of burning balls or flaming arse! I do know I know more bout it than I aspired. I actually started cramming some techno-illogical stuff in the creation (feeling kinda like Dr. Frankenstein in that old b/w original classic) Had some setbacks that halted him at this stage. Me spine, wrong material in the finger/hand/arm mechanism that melted together those parts to a pile of smoking crap, I could not borrow the garage (I think the real reason was they had to put me out a couple of times, and I am for real despite how much I wish I was joking.) I crammed some electronical crap and a mechanism for eyes - and yes I did the mechanism with the angle-grinder for the eyes so no fine fiddling there. Got some servos from dealextreme (Might surprise u but being on disability checks I'm not exactly rolling in dough like disneys uncle scrooge here.) I salvaged a Segway and lost several days trying to put rollerscates on the unclefexker but late realized it was beyond any repairs. I will prolly never move my head again - I had a bandana and a bungycord tied to the lightningfixtures because I could not hold my to big head up lying on the floor. I am a tad stubborn so I gave it my best. There was in short some conditions that could have been better including the state of my sorry arse. Bitchin is never ending here you know and so forth... haha
This is prolly the world record in blah!
And if you for some friggin reason read all the way here I really dont know how to praise your patience and skills of decyphering my Swenglish!
My aim was to put a smile on everybody out there with a heart for Bender.
And I do hope you think he qualifies as art and belonging here.

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Awesome work bro *thumbs up*



Silverbullit responds:

Yep, you got it mate! :)

Amazing work.

Silverbullit responds:

Very much appreciated EWV1, be sure to visit the upgraded version ;)

Beautiful work his ass is so shiny lol, the only things he's missing is a cigar ands bottle of booze and it would be awesome if he was giving the finger

Silverbullit responds:

Indeed! If you check the updated version Bender has fingers now (Also a magnetic cigar that somebody unfortunately pinched at an art exhibition) And some days he actually greeted visitors with the finger and a rubberband attached 3-beers ;)
(Great minds think alike)
Thanks for the feedback mate!

That is so epic.
I cant imagine how difficult it was to create that.
Very well done.

Silverbullit responds:

Thank you for your kind feedback, I appreciate it very much mate :)

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Feb 25, 2015
9:42 AM EST
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