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may I take yours?


an old man is lost in the desert all alone and asks himself a question of etiquette.

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This was decent but could still use some more effort but this was an artistic style and really showed some effort and I really like what you did with the backround very nice then main character all color that was a plus so all in all this was ok but could have been better but overall was notbad and showed some artistic style here

Nice but could use more effort throughout



The colors you picked fit a scene in the desert very well. The man's expression matches his question and the overall tone.

I don't think you should have made his facial hair transparent the way you did, it seems a bit weird. But then again, this piece is exactly that, so it's not much of a problem.

One other thing would be the sky. Instead of bars, have the horizon blend together.

-Review Request Club-

Silent-G responds:

thanks for the review.


The background looks better in this one, because the red, orange and yellow have been blended, rather than separated with black lines - it's a trifle uniform, but that can easily be remedied.

The detail of the old man needs to be worked on here - you seem too eager to publish and don't spend enough time touching up the fine detail. The speech bubble is done more harm than good by the fact that the Y in yours is backwards and the I should be a capital letter.

A lack of hands and feet really signals your intention to give in and not submit the finished piece. Please pay attention to the details, add a splash of colour to the characters and then try submitting, it will make such a difference.

[Review Request Club]

Silent-G responds:

were you there? did you see what he looked like? no, I don't think so, you didn't follow me in my eight wheeler and jump the multiple canyons and dunes. You didn't camp with the Monchoookaa tribe, you didn't smoke the Lablayay leafs, and you sure as hell didn't have sex with Tanoonoo. So don't tell me what he looked like, and don't tell me I gave in. I never gave in, and I never gave up, I gave it my all and if that's not good enough well then you can pay the child support you alligator testicle pillow. thanks for the review.

I like the head.

The head has been done really well. I like the sketchy style of it. It looks like you've taken a lot of time here, but given up on the rest of it.

Try not to use generic MSPaint shapes so much. One example of this is the speech bubble. It would look better if you had drawn it freehand.

The colours are quite nice.. One thing that strikes me is that you never colour your characters. There's nothing wrong with that, but why do you do it?

Overall, I think you just need to get a new art program and spend a bit more time on your art.

[Review Request Club]

Silent-G responds:

I gave up on the rest of it because I only cared about his face. I mean, honestly, who wants to look at an old man's naked body in the hot desert? do you? because I think that makes you a bit gay, which is okay, but you might want to let your friends and family know so they stop trying to find women for you to date. I actually did draw the speech bubble in free hand, my hands are just good like that. I don't like to color my characters because they are ugly and not to mention it might be a bit racialist. Overall, I think you just need to come out of the closet and spend a bit more personal time with yourself. thanks for the review.

Best one so far

Wow, a picture where I like all sides equally. ;)

I think the face is drawn very good, whereas the body still needs some work. The scenery is quite nice, but I like Fro's idea of having a few waves in the sky because of it being in a desert where it's usually pretty hot.

But I like how the colors go along pretty well together in this picture.

{ Review Request Club }

Silent-G responds:

how do you know? have you ever been in a real desert before? you've probably only been in one of those fake deserts that you see in car commercials where the car is doing donuts and shit and kicking up dust. I was trying to draw one of those real deserts where you can tell the difference between right and wrong, and there are never waves in the sky, and you can't even tell how hot it is. thanks for the review.

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Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2009
7:58 PM EDT
File Info
737 x 457 px
51 KB

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