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seahorses forever.

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Interesting piece

Well this one was pretty strange but still interesting aswell, I would say you could touch it up a bit, It could be cleaned up a tad not a whole lot but it is in need of a bit of clean up, And everything seems bunched up together maybe space them out more, but anyways try a few things out and see how you can improve on those things.

some small clean up more spacing out and more color ofcourse.


Very strange

The characters need a bit of a touch up, as they seem a bit rushed. I would also suggest adding a bit more color to them because as they are, they're a little bland to look at.

Once again, I like the colors you put in. The purple and blue seem to go very well with each other, a bit fuzzy too, but that's not a bad thing.

When you separate the sky and the landscape, don't just put a straight black line. Try to have them mesh together, especially in a piece like this.

-Review Request Club-

Silent-G responds:

when you separate your mind from your body, don't just put a straight black cock. try to have them mesh together, especially in your first attempt. thanks for the review.

Tidy it up

I think that this piece is in desperate need of tidying up - the black line between the sky and land should never have been there in the first place - try blending the colours together, to give an impression of a landscape where grasses wave in the breeze, for example.

The cloudscape is a decent effort, I'll give you that - While it could use the attention to detail that a lot of this image shows, you have got that certain abstract feel to it, which is nice.

Finally, the three figures - try making their eyes look less like random scribbles and if you're trying to make them look perfectly round, spend some time making it look round. If not, at least fill them in with black, as it will look much better.

They have coloured flowers on their lapels, so why not give their suits some colour as well? No self-respecting person ever wears a white suit with white shirt and black tie. At least some colour in the shirt should help.

Lastly, you need to sort their mouths out - the teeth don't follow all the way to the lips - perhaps drawing some gums would help, plus it's a colour opportunity. Also, I've just noticed the copy / paste / flip that you've done here - it's a cheat and does your work no justice.

[Review Request Club]

Silent-G responds:

you're literally being literally literal mister little literal literature licker. thanks for the literal review, literally.


It looks like its trying to be really psychadelic, but it isn't really working.

I like the top bit with the textured effect, but it just splits the picture in half.

I'm not too keen on the shades of green and blue that you used. They're too generic and boring. Try to find more interesting shades of colour.

I also don't like how you've coloured in the holes in the text, it looks childish and cluttered.

Nothing really makes any sense. It just looks like you've taken some random text, and drawn a picture completely unrelated.

[Review Request Club]

Silent-G responds:

things rarely make much sense, and then I try to draw them, and then people like you don't understand them, and then you tell me how much you hate things that you can't understand, and then I let you know what's up, and then you're man is all over my girl sayin all like 'wut up lemme fuck yer butt hole' and then I'm like bitch fuck you, and before you know it there's milk all over the floor and what then? huh? what then you fucking bitch!? thanks for the review.

Nice characters

In this picture I like the bottom half more than the top half, heh.

Again the characters look pretty nice, even though it seems you just drew one character and mirrored the other one off it.

I can't figure out what to do with those purple thing in the sky, though. Kinda disturbs the picture as those colors don't fit with the other colors you used. But maybe that was just your intention? Disturbing the picture with colors that don't fit.

{ Review Request Club }

Silent-G responds:

that was always my intention, I never make mistakes. thanks for the review.

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Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2009
8:29 PM EDT
File Info
737 x 457 px
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