feel what I feel

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feel what I feel

Author Comments

I drew this picture based on the lyrics from the Chemical Brothers song "Star Guitar"


Not bad

The colors aren't bad, but the writing takes away from the overall piece. However, I did enjoy what I read, as I can relate >_>.

If they're on something, I presume they are, I would put a few more colors in and maybe a pattern or two. Jumble it up a bit.

-Review Request Club-

Silent-G responds:

well, I'm glad you enjoyed the NOT drug reference. thanks for the review.

Too much writing

If you're going to do a submission that's based around writing, I would suggest that you get yourself a lot more practice with drawing the fonts - tidy them up and make some sort of billboard out of it, with the foreground taken up with the massively happy chap, that's doing drugs.

A quick change from the ultimately negative approach, shows that the colour scheme is nice, though I would assume that the reason that you've displayed the colours on one side as monochrome and the other as Technicolour, due to the symbolism, that without drugs, life is dull. It's not the case, trust me on this ;)

I'd recommend that you spend some time tidying up the image itself - smoke needs to be more than just a few lines rising up the page, the happy chap's head isn't quite completely satisfying in shape - these sorts of thing make all the difference.

[Review Request Club]

Silent-G responds:

I wasn't trying to base this submission around writing, it just happens to be there. and surprisingly, you're the first person to ever dislike my hand writing. You also assumed that everything in this picture was a drug reference, which I can understand, but is in fact not the case. Who ever said the lines rising from his head were supposed to be smoke? You're making way too many assumptions. Thanks for the review anyway.

A bit shabby..

Well, MSPaint is a pretty bad drawing software, you can download GIMP for free, which is a pretty good one.

The handwriting is pretty good, and more interesting than some other premade font.

The rectangles on the right have no importance and just clutter the image.

The artwork itself is pretty shabby too. Your line quality isn't great, and nobody's arms come from their ribs, but that is a common misconception in art.\

I don't quite get how the message matches the image. You need to make it a bit clearer.

[Review Request Club]

Silent-G responds:

MS paint is fine with me for the simple stuff that I'm doing. I've tried GIMP and I hate it, it's way too complicated and I prefer photoshop. I get that nobody's arms come from their ribs, but nobody has circle heads and stick arms either. I don't quite get why the message has to match the image, you need to be a bit more open minded.

cool to look at

At first I looked at the picture and it looked pretty crazy, weird looking characters, psychedelic background, it looked good. But after a few minutes or so of staring at it I noticed that the colors really didnt seem to mix, you had purple mixed with white, some blue, yellow, green, and a bit of red (the last four of course the colors of the rectangles) and that made everything look a bit out of place. Though the purple rectangles at the bottom right looked pretty good. Liked this one man, 5/5 from me, keep up the good work! :)

Review Request Club

Silent-G responds:

I'm glad you liked it. thanks for the review.

Kinda nice

The longer I look at this picture the more I like it. At first I was "Eww, too much pink!" but then noticed the characters in the picture.

So, I like the left half of the picture very much, the character in front looks quite good. But the right side contains too much purple and I don't like the rectangles you placed there. They don't seem to fit into the picture.

{ Review Request Club }

Silent-G responds:

yeah, I got bored and went a little overboard with the rectangles. thanks for the review.

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Jun 20, 2009 | 6:28 PM EDT
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737 x 457 px
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