Jack the Terrible Murderer


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"Come play with me, I won't bi- okay maybe a little. . ."

Once again they caught her before she could finish her odd plans. As always she'd failed at them. She has a spare knife to play with but has NEVER used for violence despite our constant confiscation, tears through her regulation clothing and finds something...worse and of course, gets out SOME HOW. She scurries on and tries to find some random girl, and she always does, marking the poor lass in her sleep with that damned math symbol and waiting until it heals to make an actual attempt on her life. WHY? WE DON'T KNOW. We may have... added some Carcharhinus melanopterus, sandtiger, mako, and a few other variants of Selachimorpha. None of these however have anything that resembles this instinctively and our records show no obvious cause.
Luckily or rather like clockwork she will try to kill the individual only to slip up and let them get away or allow herself a mistake to be caught by one of our retrievers. To which she always offers no resistance because, as we all know she'll just get out again. SOME HOW. Despite that the time we do have her here is precious as we learn quite a lot. A month ago her teeth fell out after biting on the rails and were replaced in a day by razor sharp knives just for her mouth, not that she's ever used them on any of the staff despite how intimidating they can be. These results are similar to the other test subject below who seems to have a similar mutation set and even desires to hunt for a specific class of individuals she deems on her own terms. Although unlike her predecessor Subject Iota has yet to claim a life despite her efforts, it also seems that since her last exam she has begun to grow a second clasper, which doesn't surprise us but we do wonder what cause a need for such a change all of a sudden? Iota does claim to have met someone of interest to her while outside. We will need to monitor her more when she gets out again, which she will of course... SOME HOW.

She's very bad at killing you see, terrible in fact. Any way. Jack for all your viewing glory. God this took forever since I was asleep all Thanksgiving.
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goddamn.... I'm already out of tissues.... good thing I have two more boxes ready to use. FUCKING A piece, as always!!!

SignHerePlease responds:

Good bye tissues

Tentacle on Futa is a must!! :D
5/5 and favorites as usual :D keep up the awesome work!

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The other versions sound pretty good.

SignHerePlease responds:

They will be

That's soooooo awesome! Tentacle and anal version? YES PLEASE! But maybe not only anal, How about all the holes?

SignHerePlease responds:

She only has a bun hole, and well there IS some mouth action so you won't be dissappointed

She's beautiful!!! (^-^) <3

SignHerePlease responds:

Aww thanks. I try

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Nov 29, 2015
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