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"When fighting in a good snow ball war with demons, angels, gods and the like; one must wear goggles to keep their eyes safe from the incoming balls and white... snow...shaped in... balls. Never the less it should also be noted that clothes (mankinds evilist creation) while not only RESTRICTING movement can be quite a hassle when these white projectiles make a hit. Making the fabric sloshy and staying wet thus making YOU even colder as the fight goes on. Instead our girl Razeal here has donned almost all clothing as to prevent this as when the white menace comes in contact with her body, it falls off and the liquids left behind are evaporated of her skin as it heats up due to the adrenaline of combat."

Merry extremely late Christmas Guys n Gals!

Well excuse my tardiness but here is another promised holiday pinup, I hope it was worth the wait. . . No? Well in that case there aremore versions for here. . I will upload them periodically, one more revealing of course and the other... You guessed it; Futa! Anyway Enjoy the candy cane. I mean art. Or whatever you call this thing.


As always X_______________________

Razeal Hell (c) Signhereplease 2013



She is absolutely beautiful. I love the shiny glossy look that she has here. Plus the idea of a naked snowball fight is Perfect! Not only what is stated is true, but having full bare contact with the snow can also be thrilling as you'd feel the full effects of freezing bliss. Great work here as awesome seems to be a common theme in your work from what I have seen.

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SignHerePlease responds:

It's all fun and games until Frostbite sets in

Whoa, (that is HOT HOT HOT!) that's a bit much don't you think? In a snowball war I take my shirt off too, but at least I keep my pants on. And I wear a helmet. (you never know when there might be a rock or two in there. On purpose or not)

Everything I want, in one sexy candy cane package. Damn. I wonder what kind of face she would make if she got hit. Would she be surprised? Or would the next snowball she throws tear my head off?

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SignHerePlease responds:

Thats a good fucking question

Hmm goggles.
White stuff.

yeahhhhhhhh baby

O____________O...........hmm is that semen or drool on my pants (sniff) (sniff) oh goody its both -_-


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