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What the hell is she you ask? Well Demonic Succubus as opposed to an angelic one; genius I know. She can also be a Tentacle monster or a futanari because of that clearly evil Hair.There also be small traces of angelic power chilling deep inside her and.... what looks like... a dragon maybe??? Eh Maybe we'll see together one day.

Age A few Centuries given some speculation but no more than... 500 years I'd say Her birthmas is December 25th. So It's coming up soon you better say Happy Birthday or her tentacles will beat you up.

General: Raze's older sister, Shatter, is a demon who resides under the Earth typically inside its molten core where this planet's Hell resides if not there then just Roaming the Realm just between Our's and Hell's because the view is GREAT. Has a more evil and sinister personality more of a bully really, not so sexual even as a succubus but I hear she can be quite charming when aroused. She doesn't like her younger sister too much Unlike the rest of you but is also VERY protective over her with a few ulterior motives involved. Traveling under the Earth both physically and spiritually following her younger sister keeping away those baddy demons who wish to harm Raze because of her odd power or just to try take her for themselves. Ironically by either making them join her massive army or to be today's play toy to break in half via a various few ways; some fun, some utterly devoid of hope. To do most of these cruel tasks Shatter uses spikes which infinitely emit from her hair and body to tear, impale and even grab and smash her foes. Breaking and ripping them to pieces once she's finally done with the toying.
She definitely doesn't follow Razeal to join in on her "fun" and obtain an easy "meal" when Raze is done with their most recent toy (Succubus gotta eat too ya know? Demons taste bad). After all that'd be silly. Also when she actually gets aroused her horns may turn purple to pink and finally to white and her markings can either spread further of retract, I have no idea why. She has been known to grow a white cat's tail while not paying attention but the reason for that is also beyond me. Back to her forces, Shatter commands a rather huge series of factions of monsters and demons who respect her a multitude of reason and naturally also controls a wide variety of tentacle monsters; however she prefers to use the ones she can create from her own body as she can even feel everything they do, she prefers it that way who wouldn't?The dark one can even create some above or through her clitoris to become a strange version of futa or even a multi-futa if she wishes. There's also a chance that if she happens to be "distracted" and Endreah is near by Shatter can "catch" some of End's power to become temporarily angelic whereas her personality generally doesn't change but she grows a set of wings of her own and now is able to fire razor sharp feathers from her wings and extend the lives of those she chooses via her previously owned life force from her victims. In additionHer markings become white or golden depending on how much power she absorbed and her hair turns white as well.

Don't forget to Sign Her Please, leave her a message below okay?
Her parents are in the works =3

SO, Who wants to see her wearing blue striped anime panties?
And who are my taker's for a futa version?


i don´t know if she is a slut or a demon either way she likes sex.

SignHerePlease responds:

Wedon't like that word around here. Women having and enjoying lots of sex are just that, women enjoying sex. No need to dehumanize them, or in this case de-demonize.

It feels so good that it opens a rift on the Moon. LOL
The angle is great, seeing her being entered and dripping her saliva and juicy love fluids, I see motion in this art. ^^ :3
Hehehe... I hope she cums. <3 5/5
(•ω•) Favorited!

well.... this sure is.... interesting content xD

I'm not sure how to feel about this.... because, honestly, I don't know if I'm attracted to her powers or her overall and overly present sexual tastes..... er... I mean, I love that she has so many tentacles to play with =D (dodged that bullet)

WOW! really fucking good design here! i love the colors...you made a great use out of purple...also like the moon cracking thing...nice little detail! great work!

I am waiting for loli futa Lady Shatter to grace my life. Until then, I will stall my... impatience... with this.

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Dec 14, 2014
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