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Spitpaint: http://youtu.be/Rsii_3k3EHU
I miss a few dots in the title.......... No I'm fine. She was really easy to draw. But the background, skulls, even the rocks were really a pain in the ass. I'm curious what the Japanese Pixiv community will think about it, because it's rather unconventionally.

I needed approximately about 16 hours. Also first time that I painted something out of shapes without line art. A lot of trial and error in this one. But I learned a lot. That was my own goal. Hope I didn't miss anything. I get better with drawing feet. Still practicing them a lot. Sucked at the clothing design it looks like a swimsuit. So possibly she so angry because perverted skeleton was peaking. Like her character design. I think if I will create a character sheet. So that I can draw her easily later, if I want. But please without Scythe... Wings could also be done in a faster and more effective way. I have used every opportunity to make it as difficult as possible for me. :D

Unintentionally due to lack of experience.
Also it's 9 months ago that I practiced drawing first time from scratch. But still a long way to go. But I think I want to draw more character designs and also designing clothes and other lewd stuff. So I think it's almost time to draw Morgiana, still love this character so much. I have a fetish for strong women, I think.

Anyways, please enjoy!


Thrilling artwork, and quite an epic scene you've illustrated here!

Funnily enough, the element I happen to be drawn to the most (above the viciousness of that scythe, the outstretched wings and the skull-spellcasting) is how you've drawn her right foot. The perspective is great and it feels, unusually, like a central part of the artwork to me. It gives her a dominating stance.
The attire is great, too. I'm actually reminded of a character named the 'Maiden in Black' from a game called Demon's Souls, simply because she too is barefoot and wields a polearm of some sort. But not as soul-ravenous as this character here. :P

Anyway, it seems you're growing into quite the artist, judging by what I've seen of your other pieces.
Also, I have to ask: was this 100% digital or was it sketched out traditionally first?

Keep up the art!

5 / 5

ShiroiAkuma responds:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my piece. Excuse my poor (American) English and sorry I write rather long comments.
As you can see in my time-lapse video it was entirely digital, I recorded the whole process.
Link to the video: http://youtu.be/Rsii_3k3EHU

I'm not satisfied with it. The skeleton shading looks terrible, but I didn't draw/paint many skeletons so far. Just single bones. I have heard much positive feedback about Demons Souls and Dark Souls and currently I watch PewDiePie's video. I don't play much games myself anymore, so I just watch different Let's Plays.

I currently studing feet (look at my Blog Post on NG if you want) and now I know her big toe is wrong.
But glad you like it anyway. She should also act as dominant so glad I didn't miss my own goal here, because I like strong female characters. Even if I failed at the central element of the contest the skulls. The feathers on the wings are not correct they don't have those lines, after a break I looked for real feathers that's why the falling feathers are more realistic. First I try to draw things out of imagination and then I compare it to the real to spot my mistakes after I learned more about them I do them better. So sometimes you can see how I improved on something in one single piece. If you compare the feathers from the wings of the falling ones.

Also I asked some other Artists for constructive critique so I can improve myself. So far my values are good but I should pinch that background brighter behind her wings. The feathers don't have those lines and also next time I should make her knee more at an sharp angle. The perspective is great too they told me, one Artist mentioned that foot, her big toe isn't correct. Background is rather nice but maybe I should have inserted more rocks. Also I should make this skeleton arm in the background smaller. The hand that wraps around her scythe is wrong. I could make the scythe more curvy. This was my 4th background I did so far. So I need to improve there too. Or I might just focus on the characters instead of trying to learn both.

So basically I prefer to make Illustrations entirely on one medium instead of first sketching it traditionally and then scan it to make digital artwork out of it.

I do believe you met the challenge, my friend! Nice one! As always, I look forward to your next piece.

ShiroiAkuma responds:

Hope you are fine too, my friend.
As always my own critique of my own work, too. :D But that's one way how you improve, too right?
I don't know, actually I learned today something about composing in a tutorial from MB alias bluefley. I think I failed, viewers might be worried where to look first. Also don't like the shading of the skeleton in the foreground. That stone with the hand on it. It doesn't hide some parts of his arm. So I violated the tangent rule also. But I suck with backgrounds also this is my first painting instead of shading something and blur it. I'm more into character design and very exaggerated motives, so far. Want to practice How to exaggerate hips next. Also watch now many painting tutorials and speed paints. Still so much to learn. But that's my crucial point. I'm never satisfied with my own illustrations. Also I didn't have a palette for night themes so far. I'm working with brighter colors. To be honest I want to become as good as Renji "Range" Murata, he's awesome everything looks so real and he still has a manga-stylish style, ArtGerm as well very good, so many awesome artists. Need to study colors also, so much to do to improve. Sorry can't sometimes stop writing.

However, I look forward to your next piece too. See ya!

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