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sith warrior


Just some star wars fanart ;)

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Never thought i would have seen a female villian for star wars [ well i don't watch much star wars anyways ] so that's fresh and yet well executed with your artistic skills . Good job and have a nice day !

+ Creative
+ Adept artist
+ Intricate details

shammiemaa responds:

Thank you! ;)

btw there is Ventress already - awesome female star wars villain ;d check her out.

Great Picture man u r one of the best by artists by that I've seen by FAR and again GREAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shammiemaa responds:

hah I really dont think I am that good ;x but thank you so much! ;d

This is beautiful you've captured the overall tone of a true Sith warrior maybe even a Sith lord They are dark and menacing the females tend to be seductive and your warrior reminds me of the Sith lord, Zannah :3, I wonder,could you draw Darth Revan? I am a great fan of star wars and I tend to listen to the audio books every now and then. But anyways Keep up the great work.

shammiemaa responds:

Thanks man. I think I wil make a whole series of those, sith lords and jedi knights.

How did you get the light for the lighting? I have been wanting to produce the same feeling of looking into the sun too long. I want to be able to do that kind of realism in my art.

shammiemaa responds:

I just painted the lighting with normal brush and and then glazed over it with color dodge air brush on very low opacity. Try it.

Looks more like an Inquisitor, or Sith Assassin to be more accurate. Of course that is typical Bioware forcing certain things to fit certain groups logic from SWTOR (Which drives me batty). Very badass and very very dark. All I know is, if you have made a Sith not only pull out her lightsaber, but is using the force to making lighting..... Well you've done goofed.

shammiemaa responds:

Yeah. Tha's what I had in mind - some kind of stealth assasin class. Thank you ;).

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4.46 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2014
4:11 PM EDT
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