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Flower /SN/


my first picture made in photoshop, just learning the basics and whatnot


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Getting there.

The whole piece has a little bit of a Gothic, angsty feel to it. I can see it used as a cover for some grunge music or something of the nature. What really brings me to this conclusion is the flower in the background. It appears to be a little wilted which, in combination with the purple and black, gives a sad, if not depressing, feel to the piece.

It does evoke some emotion, but the presentation is a bit haphazard. Definitely a main contributor to this issue is the text. It doesn't look as destroyed as the rest of the piece, and the color choice seems a bit off.

A little bit more imagery would have gone a long way. Including some grays or some other wilted objects would make the piece hit harder, and possibly give it a bit more meaning. For a beginner's piece, it's good.

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SessileNomad responds:

note to self, less useless text

CD art?

Not a bad first try - the colours seem to be a little over the top with the purple, particularly on the flower. I wouldn't suggest that you remove them completely, but tone it down some on the flower itself, thus creating a nicer contrast for the rest of the piece. Otherwise the flower just fades into the foreground.

I'd certainly recommend that you take a screenshot from this image (once it's been tidied up a little) and use that for your 46x46 icon for some of your audio submissions, it's a great start and I'm sure that you'll get better with practice.

[Review Request Club]

SessileNomad responds:

ive been working on a few different 46x46 images here and there, i think fixing up this one and using it actually may be the best option

Not bad

It's great for a first, that's for sure, but it seems to have a few minor flaws.

First off, your use of the random blurs I liked. They seem well spread out and random. I do like that. The flower looks cool, and the text is decent. I think you could have used some more attractive fonts, but they do work.

I think the biggest issue in this picture is the color. I'm not sure if you've ever studied color theory, but the colors just don't seem attractive to me. Could just be a personal thing, idk, but it seems to lack contrast. I remember in the tiny bit of color theory studies I did, there were multiple ways to do color. One method was different shades of a certain color, the other methods are relied on using colors that worked together and shading those accordingly.

What I mean is, the blue isn't really appropriate without other shades of blue in the image. The color of the flower doesn't seem to blend because there aren't any shades of that color in the background either.

I hope that makes some kind of sense to you and helps you a bit in the future. Overall though I enjoy the image. It's a great start!


SessileNomad responds:

ive never studied color theory so im kind of just wondering in the dark when it comes to that matter

im glad you like the blurs lol

Looking ok

It is not good but it isn't bad either. The purplish rocky background looks quite nice though. I don't know why you needed to write down flower though. Seems to be a bit unnecessary. The flower looks like it was done by a child but then again this looks like you were trying to make it look as close to real as possible which you seem to have done quite well.

The way the colors flow together kind of gives it a good fading effect such as purple fading to black or the outlines of the flower fading to purple. The picture is alright looking though I guess. I would probably just remove the word flower.

SessileNomad responds:

the text was sort of a last minute kind of thing, i dont think it really adds or subtracts much from the pic

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3.78 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2010
5:14 PM EST
File Info
1366 x 768 px
1 MB

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