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Henchin page mockup


Author Comments

A simple page mockup for the Henchin GN, deciding to keep it black and white for the time being even though it's likely going to be a web based publication should I get it off the ground. Also still attempting to define a style for it. As I go further and further with it it'll no doubt take on a much more stable structure. Working out ways of optimizing time and efficiency being as this is the first time i've ever attempted something like this, but it's a story I want to share and do so with the hopes other people will enjoy it.

"Henchin" has already been done in book form and is unpublished, written by myself. After sharing it with another person they brought up the idea of doing it as a comic or graphic novel type ordeal, and with me finally applying this artsy fartsy drive I've had since I was a kid into new ventures, and actually practicing for once I thought it seemed like a good idea. Unfortunatly all I have to go off of is Photoshop elements atm, so line quality has suffered, but all in all I'd say its not too bad for a guy who's NEVER taken a formal art class in his life. Oh the opportunities I've missed; but I plan to enroll into school for this stuff very soon.

Anyways, about the illustration. The Character is Alex(Alexis) Rose, same character featured in prior works. In the revised version for the comic she's a young reporter, struggling to find a happy ballance between her career and persuing her dreams. Not one for fantasy, she's a logical thinker and at the same time a bit of a dreamer, but not one much for fantasy. Until an oddly heroic and strange young man happens to cross her path. After witnessing this stranger save her life along with several others, he's injured and she takes it upon herself to take him in.

Her own inquisitive nature leads her into prying more and more information out of this man who goes only by the name Datan, until she discovers he's actually the last of an ancient race of mythical guardians charged with preserving the ballance of nature and the elements. His tribe was known as the Henchin, humans who tied their own existence to the ancient dragons who's powers forged the Earth and all life upon it. Half man, half Dragon, Datan is on a mission that young Alexis soon finds herself a part of through her own volition. Together they are faced with the daily task of investigating criminal activities, dodging suspicious room mates, trying not to draw the attention of the police, and keeping Datan's identity a secret so as not to cause a panic at large in the middle of New York City; all the while trying to get one step closer to Datan's goal to keep a terrible calamity from befalling mankind.

Of course Alex could have chosen to walk away from all of this at any time, but the unique bond she forges with Datan keeps her from letting him dissapear from her life. Besides, she's a reporter afterall, and where there's danger, there's a great story.

Lol, end of work brick. If you managed to read through all of that then I thank you. I'll likely be starting courses for my CNA here in may, so I dont know how much time I'll be able to find to work on more of this until I complete my training between doing classes and working two jobs. By August or Sept though I plan on trying to get Illustrator up and running for some much cleaner stuff. I don't have a large desk area to work on, so most all of my projects are done with my tablet resting on my knee as Idraw, not very stable, but thanks in advance for putting up with the sketchy stuff thus far.

Credits & Info


Apr 26, 2010
1:00 AM EDT
File Info
800 x 1000 px
289.8 KB

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