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Friends NIL - First Arc Group


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Jul 14, 2011 | 12:18 PM EDT
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Author Comments

I said I would, and I delivered. Sort of. I put in my News Post that I would put up a picture of all the characters in the First Arc. The knights aren't in there, because they all die later on. Now Bio time. Even though with the amount of words here, I doubt anyone would want to read all of this.

Egam is the guy who sent the card to us. He is really old but he actually sounds like he's still only 50. His magic is usually a blunder and on more than one occasion he has failed miserably at casting even the most basic spell. Since his magic is seen as power from the devil, he was sent out of town. The only way he can interact in town is through his butler Reltub. Calm but easily excitable. His cane is also a staff.

Reltub was once a master swordsman, but now spends his time helping Egam. Nobody knows why he changed but he doesn't complain about anything Egam does. Stripped of his status as a knight because he wanted to stay with Egam, now he practices in the woods. Normally composed, but is sometimes baffled by Lane, Nick, and I's weird behavior.

Eli is one of the first friends I made when I came to Pennsylvania. He is funny, and follows a few of the same moral guidelines as me. He also likes to draw and likes anime. But he doesn't bother me that much about it which is good (I really don't like anime. EXCEPT One Piece) In the show, he'll be our first enemy. His weapon is an umbrella. Haha very funny, yes, an umbrella. Made entirely out of metal.

This is the lady we're supposed to save. Curious and tries to be nice, but has a limited temper. Used to work on a wheat farm before her parents were killed. Egam brought her in as one of his own and raised her for several years. Something about her past is slightly confusing, but I won't spoil anything. She is really good with a sickle. Scary good.

Lord Knight Brahn:
Pretty much the main bad guy. He used to be the king's head knight and general. He captured Helene for reasons yet unknown. Uses a giant lance in combat. Chivalrous and keeps all of the knights ideals close. The real mystery is why he would capture a random girl...

Advisor Esther:
Used to be advisor to the king, she is well-versed in various kinds of self-defense and is the most knowledgeable of everything that happens anywhere. An indispensable asset to Lord Knight Brahn. She is rather harsh and doesn't like anybody and has terrible eyesight. She fights with anything she can get her hands on. If she can't find anything, she prefers to fight with her legs.

Archer Michael:
Just as smart as Esther but not so at math, head archer Michael is from a neighboring kingdom as a spy sent to see what is happening since the death of the king. His aim is better the farther away he is. In reality, Michael was another friend I met in high school. Although in stark contrast to me and smarter in almost everything, we always compete in everything we do. NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. He usually wins, which sucks.

Knight Yggnasius:
Despite his egregious name, he is perhaps the most simple, relying solely on strength to win. He towers above everybody. Probably because there isn't anything else on his mind, the values of a knight are the most important thing to him and he endlessly strives to be Lord Knight like Brahn. He uses the opposite of Lane's weapon, an odachi.

Squire Dmitri and Squire Charles:
Stuck permanently at Squire status because of their poverty, these brothers always try to be the best that they can possibly be. They aren't very inquisitive and usually get left out of the loop about everything. Their brotherly bond is incredibly tight. They each stake everything on their crazy agility and speed, preferring their bare hands to weapons.

Page Quinn:
Unbelievably conceited and completely aloof most of the time, he usually doesn't care about anything that isn't about him. Usually stands guard at the front of the castle. I don't really like him that much (I wrote him in a way that I don't like him at all). He uses the classic sword and shield combo.