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A newgrounds version of my other drawing Modern Day Man.


This is a bit of a joke, feel free to rate it, but don't rate it down because of the massive and undeniably sexy shlong hanging down.


No Balls?

I think that this is quite indicative of a rushed piece to get submitted to Newgrounds as much as possible. I'd suggest that since you advocate the use of Newgrounds, you should search the Art Portal and forums for a more detailed research subject for the human form.

The body seems a little disjointed, particularly where the shoulders join the upper torso. There needs to be more work to join the abdominal muscles and the obliques to the lower ribs and the pectorals. A cursory glance at my own body reveals that the torso is a little long, as standing like that, an average human male will be able to reach mid-thigh, as opposed to just the hips.

Chunkier thighs as well would give it a more balanced athletic tone, as they look quite spindly and unable to support the weight of the body above. The penis was certainly interesting in shape, as it almost resembles a reversed wedge, which is basically the opposite to the general shape of a penis - It should be wider at the base than it is at the tip, as mother nature has designed it for a purpose of inserting, has she not?

Possibly more detail could be required on the Newgrounds sign, such as a logo.

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SeaBoundRhino responds:

Awesome review :)

Thanks for the tips on the body, that would be the main thing I would be aiming to improve.

~ Review Request Club ~

Ha, like mentioned before the body of the man needs to be done a bit better. Perhaps this would be better as what Newgrounders wish they looked like and you could make the man have a little bit more muscle. Exactly what they think of themselves. Then you could make a version of the real them and it could be explained like I explained in your modern man submission except with a bit more acne.

I can see this representing a large population of newgrounds though. Cock joke here and a cock joke there, because it's cool to say a cock joke when your actually only 10 years old.

~ Review Request Club ~

SeaBoundRhino responds:

Thanks, I may make that, but I will definitely take more time on that.


Score: 7 / 10
Summary: Lovely!
Review: I'd give this a ten just to show how much NG loves these pictures, but that'd be wrawng. Durr.

Well, it only works if people actually read what you say and watch the original. You have my review there, and it counts for this one too. Except this one har more lulz-potential. I lol'd.

-=Review Request Club=-

SeaBoundRhino responds:

Yeah, I should probably delete one version, to avoid confusion, thanks!

I lol'd

Well, I laughed when I saw this picture. But I think the joke only works when you've seen the "Modern Day Man" in it's original version first.

To add to my review for "Modern Day Man" (all things I've said about the propotions and the background apply here as well): I don't like the dark grey bottom of this picture. The feet are sort of cut off here, which doesn't look very good.

{ Review Request Club }

SeaBoundRhino responds:

I cut off the bottom because I hate drawing feet. It's a cheap solution to something I should probably spend time on, but I'm planning to do drawings of feet, hands and the face.

Yeah, I think I should link to MDM in the description, just for people to get it.


I seeeee what you did there. That's almost post-modernism, if you want to get down to it.

Also, cock joke.

(I feel dirty now.)

SeaBoundRhino responds:

I felt very dirty when drawing this.

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Aug 11, 2009
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