Rom museum Pixel Art Gallery OC

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Rom museum Pixel Art Gallery OC

Author Comments

Decided to make my own original oc's no one cares about while invading many realities
with my original characters art style reflecting the theme of each dimension while disregarding it
to be a rom emulator. I didn't decide to upload this by Pixel Day 2016 so I apologize for that because
I'm currently making a second Newgroundsvania piece in progress. ;).
Inspired that of "I Dream of Retro" (flash animation).

Disclaimer: I do not own any of theses characters and art assets from any video games and belongs to
it's respective owners! This is a fan art. I would be sued if I sell each piece! Furthermore I can't
show this at an art alley during my future art vending at some expo.

Approximately 2-3 weeks spent. artowrk depicting in each frame in order after rom screen:

Image 1 -My own characters in style of late Sunsoft (default style).
Image 2 - Vanguard Princess style.
Image 3 - Arcana Hearts style. I do not own any of these characters.
Mugen Kid in style of Arcana Hearts belongs to some creator.
Image 4 - In Style of Neo Geo Pocket Color Fighting games.
Image 5 - Cave Story style.
Image 6 - Pokemon RB style monochrome.
Image 7 - YMCK style.
Image 8 - 8-bit Megaman style. Tilesets asset custom made.
Image 9 - Both in style of Lufia 1 and 2.
Image 10 - La Mulana style.
Image 11 - Undertale style.
Image 12 - Shovel Knight style.
Image 13 - Mario and Luigi style. Tile set assets custom made.
Image 14 - Yoshi's Island Snes style.
Image 15 - Earthbound style.
Image 16 - Namco 2-D style.
Image 17 - Iconoclasts style.
Image 18 - Owlboy style.
Image 19 - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. Tileset asset custom made.
Image 20 - The original Shantae. Tileset still custom made.
Image 21 - JinnDevil's 22x22 style.
Image 22 - Swords and Sworcery.
Image 23 - Freedom Planet. Stage Custom made.
Image 24 - Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green (present day).
Image 25 - Megaman X style. Tileset art asset custom made.
Image 26 - Super Bomberman style. Tileset art custom made.
Image 27 - Seiken Densetsu 3. Tileset art assets custom made.
Image 28 - Wreck it Ralph. Tileset art custom made.
Image 29 - Kid Radd style.
Image 30 - Newgrounds Pixel Day 2016. Fun fact: I was using sprites from Popful Mail (Sega CD), main character from Monster World IV
and Robin from Iconoclast as placeholders during my early development progress for making NGvania 2016.
Image 31 - Carrion style.
Image 32 - The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past.
Image 33 - Megaman ZX Advent style.
Image 34 - Popful Mail (Sega CD) and Monster World style. Custom tileset assets mixed between the both.
Image 35 - Waku Waku 7.
Image 36 - Undertale battle sprite style.
Image 37 - The Legend of Zelda.
Image 38 - Super Mario Bros. Art assets custom made.
Image 39 - The Legend of Zelda II. Art assets custom made.
Image 40 - Super Time Force style.
Image 41 - Duelyst style.
Image 42 - Fist of Awesome style.
Image 43 - U-four-ia.
Image 44 - Scott Pilgrim style by Paul Robertson.
Image 45 - Taito style by Paul Robertson.
Image 46 - WTF?
Image 47 - Kirby's Dreamland 3.
Image 48 - Chrono Trigger.
Image 49 - VVVVVV style.
Image 50 - Gunstar Heroes. Background assets custom made.
Image 51 - Metal Slug style.
Image 52 - Locomalito's ZX Spectrum style.
Image 53 - Adventure's of Pip Style in mid lower rez form.
Image 54 - Evoland 2 style.
Image 55 - Momodora IV style.
Image 56 - Eversion style.
Image 57 - And they all lived happily ever after?

Full archive:


I like it. Your OCs compared to mine: outstanding design to your OCs. Great job!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

I really go for originality to be frank and interesting (adding description on my oc's). Thank you!

Beyond amazing work!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Thank you. I appreciate it. :)

I like how you made the Undertale one

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Thinking of making Undertale battle sprites of people and pop culture in the future.

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Credits & Info

4.65 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2016 | 12:36 AM EST
Pixel Art
File Info
600 x 480 px
1 mb

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