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Happy Pixel Day everyone! Wasn't active while busy with some clients so here's my entry. Fyi This is the 5th anniversary for Pixel Day so thank you Tom and RealFaction

for making it possible for an internet holiday and it's milestone. My 5th metroidvania mural so far...

Some Among Us characters desguised as characters from pop culture while other characters are in style from old consoles. Even though the color palette of Splendor128 isn't

accurate for the variety of past retro sprite style from Old consoles still it preserve it's retro style just like what Megaman 9 and 10 did even though the colors are a bit


List of characters and places:

Upper left corner: Dharkon and Terminal Montage (the boss on on the left is his idea of a parody), Polus, That wolf snake from Rainbow Good Boy, Digimon, Taiko Drum Master

ships, Ship from Cho Ren Sha 68k, Among Us Kosmokrats, Fury Bowser, Godzilla from The Ultimate Showdown, Tamagotchi, Ship from Verytex, Battleship Yamato, Hudson Soft ship,

Radiant Silvergun ship, Ship from Dogyuun, Dezaemon boss ship, Monster Lab, Vallhalla, Hartu and Oahtly in 8-bit sprite, Keanu Reeves riding on a motorcycle from Cyberpunk,

Super Hot, @xalezar Nymble, Yume Nikki, Chara from Undertale, Attack on Titan Pizza Hut, Wanderer from Journey, Far four owned by fighters on the right, A Short Hike character,

Arina, Heart Aino, Terry Bogard vs. Ragna.

Upper right corner:

King Famardy, One Piece Ship, Truxton 2 ship, The Skeld, Kirby, Crisis Force ship, Flash ship, Bomberman from Star Parodier, Dragonball Super, Rainbow Good Boys, Shenron,

Ship from Summer Carnival 92 Recca, Ship from Nexzr, Dodonpachi ship, DK Barrels ship from Donkey Konga, Ship from Raiden 2, Evacchi, Vic Viper and Dragon boss from Life Force,

Omnimon, Henry Stickmin, Funassyi running from explosion and shit, Wumpus from Discord, A2, Parappa the Rapper Nue and Cirno from Tou Hou, Miku, Z Sabre, Overwatch characters,

Cloud vs. Sephiroth, characters from immortals fenyx rising and Hades via rivalry, Agdq's mascot Velocity, Terminal Montage Bird Up.

Lower left corner:

Morris from Stardew Valley, Ashley, @WaterPixelArt , Megumin, Genshin Impact, Yugioh Seven Neo Geo Pocket Color Fighter style, Among Us Iconoclasts style, Pop Team Epic, Super

Meat Boy, One Punch Man, Dead Estate, Kung Fury, Okami, Segata Sanshiro, Isabelle, Doom Slayer in Unicorn suit, Astro Bot Playroom, Master Chief, Ritz, Aggretsuko, Dust an

Elysian Tail, Fall Guy, Scott Pilgrim characters, Viewtiful Joe, Smiling Friends, Crewmate from Newgrounds Advent 2020, Hello Kitty and Badtz Maru, Characters from Blazblue

cornering Morgana from Persona 5, Mascot from Make your own Pixel Art Book, Little Nightmares 2, Apple Bug from the Enkian, Cremate posing as River City Ransom Nes version,

@siroshe with an invitation letter, Satina, Dave, Hazbin Hotel, Helltaker Satan, Soldier from TF2 avenging Rick May, TF2 Scout, Extinction Party, The Untitled Goose Game, Ghost

from @maruki , Ming the Merciless, Flash (You get the joke) throwing the holy grenade from Monty Python and the Holy Grail to blow up the portal which is the army of 2020 and

both Satan and Covid itself from portal of hell, Ruffle (pleased by Flash efforts), Shao Kahn and Joust, Kamen Rider Galaxian Brave, Easter Sunday, Solbrain and Shatterhand,

@WillieD891 , Chris O Neill origianl voice of Edurado punching cancer (who allied with covid army and 2020) in the balls pleasing hologram Edd in the process, Bad Box art

Megaman, Jack Smash, Stinkoman, Lucia.

Lower right corner:

Katana Zero, Starting Point (by Blue Bread) and Phanto with Key from Super Mario Bros. 2, Fall Guy posing as Cacodemon, @BoJustBo ,Fallout Vault Boy, Bug Snax, Friday Night

Funkin with Spooky Month characters and Balan vs. Team Shadow Hatter (main character in hologram communication) along with Crypt of the Necrodancer styled cremate and Game Boy

Pokemon overworled styled crewmate, Chrono vs. Kratos, Ryuko from Kill La Kill, Rei, Deltarune crewmate, Cast from Friday Night Funkin (week1-4) Steve Mayles, Cram robot,

Inafking and Hyper Dimension Neptunia 8-bit Nes Megaman style, @Butzbo Curse of the Sock vs. @squidly Renaine in style of Curse of the Moon series, Gundam, Agent Black,

Izuku Midoriya, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, cat maid, Shovel Knight, the Black Panther (in memory of Chadwick Boseman... :'( ), The Living Tombstone guy, Wargroove, Paul Veer,

Sublo and Tangy Mustard, Crewmate disguised as Final Fantasy V, @Cleod-9 Greg Mc Leod and his Mii avatar getting the smash ball, Terraria crewmate and Minecraft Steve, Crewmate

in style of Sonic 1 (Sega Genesis), Asmik mascot, Kamiko styled crewmates, Cassette Girl, characters from Crash 4 It's about Time, Space Jam A New Legacy, The Anime Niacs,

Physic Pokemon Trainer It's over 9000, Duncan and Jones, Imposter hiding in the vent, Kikuse and Momohime, Totoro characters, Golden Rhino grafitti with Kigurumi,

Styles of Crewmates from Left to right: Metal Slug, Tower of Heaven, Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Chrono Trigger, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom,

Lufia 2, and Trials of Mana, Splatoon 2, Tales of Alethrion character in style of Octopath Traveler.

Mid piece:

Airship from Among us, Funko Pop Freddy, Cremate in style of Celeste, Terraria, and Shovel Knight.

Game Over. 2020 is the imposter and can snuff it.

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Wow Amazing! So Many Iconic Characters!

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Jan 23, 2021
12:37 AM EST
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