A World of Dreams


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I've been meaning to draw this picture FOREVER! It must've been Summer of 2008 when I thought up the idea to draw this. But I finally got the motivation after Nimbus and I's recent playing of this part in our Togetherness game. Even though I'm just controlling half the characters in battle... since he's never beaten it, but that's beside the point.

This is the scene in FF9 when Garnet returns to Alexandria on the beginning of Disc 2. And Kuja wants to "join the act in the play" so he magically puts Garnet to sleep. And that is the quote when he's using his magical abilities to put her to sleep "I will take you to a world of dreams." The background, as my usual backgrounds, is boring and not detailed at all, but oh well.... XD

Drawn with: Photoshop(Tablet).
Colored with: Photoshop(Mouse).
Art (c) Sarena Kimura.
Character (c) Squaresoft.
Drawing Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes.


well I think it needs work

lets get this out of the way

major and most distracting feature: Fag's(Kuja's) face is horrible. It seems to be a chinless lopsided circle. Redo that, I insist. On an unrelated note, he actually looks like a man, which is bad because in the game he's a transvestite homo.

Garnets face is done much better, however I feel the face is slightly out of tune from the chin and cheeks. I feel as though if you tilted the eyes nose and face slightly clockwise it would resolve that.

While her face and body is p. ok, the legs seem to shrink and become disproportionate. I can't really explain how I think you could resolve that without taking the time to open up flash and draw it myself. But I think the problem is simply she doesn't have a stomach, a curve, and/or any hint of depth.

Besides Garnet's closest sleeve, I think you did an ok job with clothes. Just throwing that out there.

Its been so long since I played that, but I vaguely remember him raising his other hand, moving it around her face, as some sort of sparkly shit flows around till she faints. I think it would of been more dynamic if you included that too, instead of it simply being at his side. Maybe if you didn't feel like doing all that, you could of given him a more smug look. He didn't sing her a lullaby, he was putting her to sleep for some sinister reason (that I forget): so naturally he'd have a smug douchebag look instead of a faint wide eyed smile.

One last think, her hair seems to cue different light sources. It wasn't clearly noticible, but after a quick glance to check on anything else nitpickable I found that. All and all, keep up the good work, practice makes perfect.

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Oct 18, 2009
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